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8 Best Toronto Restaurants For A Cheap Meal Under $20

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You can find many delicious meals at restaurants all over Toronto, but finding something both tasty and affordable can be a bigger challenge, especially if you only have $20 in your pocket.

Here are the best budget restaurants in Toronto, according to top chefs and restaurant owners.

1. Que Ling Restaurant

Address: 248 Boulton Ave, Toronto

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Que Ling is an excellent place to enjoy delicious and affordable Vietnamese food. This Vietnamese restaurant has been a familiar address in Toronto’s East Chinatown for over 25 years. The recommended dish to try when visiting this restaurant is “bánh cuốn,” priced at around $9 per portion.

2. Tropical Joe’s

Address: Various locations

Cuisine: Caribbean

Tropical Joe’s is a Caribbean restaurant with multiple locations in Toronto. The ox tail at Tropical Joe’s is priced from $8.75 for a small portion.

3. Dine & Dim

Address: 633 Gerrard St E, Toronto

Cuisine: Chinese

Toronto has many dim sum restaurants, so getting recommendations from chefs is helpful when looking for the cheapest and tastiest options. Dine & Dim in Toronto is one of the top budget dining spots in the city. According to suggestions, you can order a few dishes and have a complete meal for under $20.

4. Table Fare + Social

Address: 81 Bay St., Toronto

Cuisine: International

One of the most budget-friendly dining options in the city is Toronto’s newest Table Fare + Social. In essence, this is a dining experience where people can take food from different restaurants and enjoy them in one space. Essentially, it’s an elevated food court or dining room.

The dining rooms here include Chaiyo from PAI, Misoya, Friday Burger Co, Aloette Go, and In Good Spirits, each offering different cuisines.

5. Gus Tacos

Address: Various locations

Cuisine: Mexican

Gus Tacos serves delicious dishes ranging from $5 to $12 each, from tacos to quesadillas and burritos.

6. Burger Drops

Address: 116 Atlantic Ave, Toronto

Cuisine: Burgers

Burgers start at $8.50, and french fries are priced at $6. This means that a burger with fries can set you back $14.50.

7. Fonda Lola

Address: 942 Queen St W, Toronto

Cuisine: Mexican

If you love tacos and Queen Street West, you may have visited this Mexican restaurant. The menu is full of affordable dishes and delicious drinks, with the Gà Poblano dish priced at $20. This dish includes Chipotle-marinated chicken, Morita pepper, and cilantro.

8. PAI

Address: Various locations

Cuisine: Thai

PAI is certainly a favorite among Toronto residents for its Northern Thai cuisine. Canadian actor Simu Liu often praises this spot, and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has also visited when he was in the city for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2023. The menu here starts at around $8 and goes up to $26.

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