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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
We have exciting news from Canada's culinary scene. Montreal has emerged as a dominant force on Canada's 100 Best Restaurants List, securing an impressive 27 spots on the annual...
Under pressure to address widespread concerns about the increasing cost of living in Canada and questions about his leadership, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a series of new measures...

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1 in 3 Canadians don’t know the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest

A survey by the Heart and Stroke Foundation has revealed that despite 50% of...

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‘The Last of Us’ Named the ‘largest series ever filmed in Canada’

The significant effort to bring the first season of The Last of Us to the small screen has proven to be a major success for Alberta. Data released by Oxford...

Kate – William là cặp đôi nổi tiếng mặc đẹp nhất thế giới

Vượt qua nhiều đôi, Kate - William được vinh danh là cặp sao 'thời trang nhất' với số điểm tuyệt đối 10/10. Điểm đánh giá...

The Full Moon Festival in Toronto celebrates the East Asian heritage and offers free mooncakes

The upcoming Full Moon Festival is a significant commemoration of East Asian culture encompassing various traditions and cuisines. Known as Tsukimi in Japanese, Chuseok in...

4 tiệm bánh thơm ngon bạn nhất định phải thử ở Mississauga

Mỗi người đều biết cảm giác tuyệt vời đó khi bước vào một tiệm bánh đầy ắp đồ và hít hà hương thơm tuyệt...


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