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The salmon run is back in Toronto. Here’s where to watch the salmon run this fall

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The annual salmon run has returned to the rivers in Toronto.

The Ontario salmon run typically begins in early September and extends until early November. The mid to late October period tends to be the peak of the season. Thanksgiving weekend is often a popular time, but the salmon migration truly depends on the weather and water temperature.

The phenomenon of the Ontario salmon run occurs when the water temperature ranges from 3°C to 18°C. During this time, the migration will witness Chinook, Atlantic, Pink, and Coho salmon passing through the waters near Toronto.

These fish can reach sizes of up to 15 pounds, so watching them leap and navigate the rushing river currents is something you should see at least once.

The best observation points include areas with obstacles like waterfalls.

Among the most famous spots to witness the salmon run, Toronto residents can enjoy this spectacle from Etienne Brulé Park and Old Mill Bridge on the Humber River, the Highland Creek valley, and the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area.

While the salmon run may be an exciting event for us humans, it’s a lifelong struggle for the salmon. Salmon must use their last ounce of strength to overcome obstacles in the river and reach their spawning grounds. After laying their eggs, salmon die, leaving a new generation to fend for themselves.

This serves as a reminder to appreciate these annual underwater acrobatics, as the quick videos and snapshots will be the last time anyone sees these fish alive.

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