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A Breath of Fresh Air Outside Toronto

Most Torontonians have visited Stratford, Ont., or at least know about it as a hub of Shakespearean theatre. But what of the surrounding area...

Manufacturing and its Impact on Ontario’s Economy

Ontario is rich in natural resources – from the forests and minerals in the north to the fertile farmland in the south. Although some...

Ontario Overview

Ontario has densely populated cities along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River in the south, and remote communities in the forests of the...

The Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine

In addition to hustle and bustle, Saigon embraces nostalgic cultural and historical values. The Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (also called the Fito Museum)...

Playground of the stars

Palm Springs, a desert resort just two-hour’s drive from Los Angeles, is drenched in sunshine and star appeal. No wonder it’s so popular with...

Tiếng Việt

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