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These are the industries with the highest job listing rates in Canada

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If you are searching for employment, a recent report from Resume.io on the industries with the highest job listing rates across Canada may be helpful to you.

In summary, Resume.io calculated which industries have the highest job listing rates in various major cities in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.

When it comes to the results for Canada, the website found that hospitals and healthcare facilities are currently the largest potential employers in the country, accounting for 14.82% of total job listings nationwide.

Next are the retail industry (12.45%), human resources and recruitment (6.85%), human resources and services (4.61%), and IT consulting and services (3.86%).

Resume.io noted that one of the main reasons Canada has a high demand for healthcare workers is because a significant portion of the workforce in this field has been affected by “massive overtime, sick leave rates, and high exhaustion” due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The demand for retail workers is also high across Canada, particularly in Quebec, where the retail industry “still has some imbalance with job oversupply, causing employers to increase salaries by 12-39% since 2016.”

Although teenagers or young adults are often a significant labor pool in retail, this demographic group does not account for many part-time jobs. Instead, they choose to focus on education and “avoid the pressure of overtime.” A recent Gallup report also noted that the roots of the “global employment crisis” are largely due to the “lack of meaningful jobs.

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