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Canada Issues Travel Advisories for These 7 Popular Tourist Destinations That Could Affect Your Plans

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If you’re heading abroad, you might want to pay attention to recent travel advisories issued by the Canadian government.

Canada has issued travel advisories for popular tourist destinations that could impact your trip, and you may need to adjust your plans or avoid certain areas altogether.

Here are 7 renowned international travel destinations that Canada has issued travel advisories for that you might want to be aware of:

1. Brazil

With a predicted El Niño weather phenomenon ranging from moderate to strong expected to occur late in the fall/early winter, the Canadian government is warning travelers to Brazil to prepare for “severe weather events.”

“El Niño typically brings heavy rainfall, which can result in floods, landslides, and mudslides, causing significant disruptions to transportation. Severe droughts and heavy rains can limit access to food, clean water, sanitary products, and medications,” the travel advisory states.

The government also advises Canadian citizens to stay updated on weather forecasts in the area and purchase appropriate insurance to cover the consequences of such weather events when traveling to this country.

Canadians are also urged to exercise “extreme caution” in Brazil due to high crime rates and violence instigated by organized gangs in urban areas.

2. France

Canada’s travel advisory for France currently warns travelers to exercise extreme caution due to the “increasing threat of terrorism.”

The government’s website states: “At the end of June 2023, protests against police violence occurred. Further protests may take place in Paris, the surrounding region, and several other cities across the country.”

Those traveling to or planning to visit the country should monitor local media for the latest information, follow the guidance of local authorities, and be prepared to adjust their travel plans.

The travel advisory also notes that the Rugby World Cup is taking place in France until October 28, 2023.

“Crimes such as theft often increase around major sporting events. Tourists are often targeted,” the agency warns. Travelers during this time should exercise caution, avoid unauthorized demonstrations and large gatherings, and monitor local media for updates.

3. Dominican Republic

Canada advises its citizens to exercise “a high degree of caution” when visiting the Dominican Republic due to crime.

The notice reads, “Crime occurs in the Dominican Republic, including violent crime, especially in major cities. However, most incidents are opportunistic crimes and pose the greatest threat to tourists.”

This advisory has also been recently updated to inform travelers that the government of the Dominican Republic has closed its land, air, and sea borders with Haiti. This means that Canadian citizens coming from Haiti cannot directly enter the Dominican Republic.

4. Turkey

Canada’s travel advisory for Turkey calls for extreme caution in the country due to the threat of terrorist attacks and the possibility of demonstrations.

According to the government’s advice, on October 1, 2023, an explosion occurred outside the Ministry of the Interior building in Kizilay, Ankara.

Those traveling to or in Ankara should exercise increased caution, expect heightened security presence, follow the guidance of local authorities, and monitor local media for any updates.

Regional advisories also warn against any non-essential travel within 10 kilometers of the Syrian border due to “worsening security conditions” and advise against non-essential travel to certain earthquake-affected areas in the southeastern and eastern provinces, including Bingol, Bitlis, Hakkari, and Kilis.

5. Indonesia

Canada’s travel advisory for Indonesia suggests travelers exercise “a high degree of caution” in the country due to political and social tensions as well as the threat of terrorism.

The government has also issued regional advisories for any non-essential travel to Papua province due to “frequent incidents of violence, threats against foreigners by militant groups, and the risk of abduction,” as well as within 10 kilometers of Mount Agung, an active volcano in northeastern Bali, which has the potential to erupt.

Travelers to the active volcano area should take official warnings seriously, respect restricted areas, monitor local media for the latest developments, and follow the advice of local authorities.

6. Cuba

Cuba is facing severe and frequent shortages of basic essentials, including food, bottled water, public water supplies, medicines, and fuel, making travel across the country difficult.

The Canadian government states, “Hotels and resorts often rely on generators. Fuel shortages may also affect government services.”

Travelers are advised to plan accordingly, bring essential supplies such as personal hygiene items and medications, and have reserves of water, food, and fuel readily available while ensuring they have a complete emergency kit on hand.

However, this advice does not apply to some resort areas. Travelers can take regular security precautions in areas like Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Santa Maria, Guardalavaca, and Varadero.

7. Egypt

Egypt is a popular destination for many, but if you’re traveling to this country, you’ll want to be aware of the warnings and risks in the region.

Canada’s travel advisory for Egypt cautions Canadians to exercise extreme caution due to the “unpredictable security situation.”

“Due to recent events in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, tensions can escalate without prior notice, and the security situation can deteriorate suddenly,” the travel advisory emphasizes. “Stay informed, remain vigilant, and follow the guidance of local authorities.” Regionally, Canadians are cautioned to avoid all travel to North Sinai Governorate, the Western Desert, and the border region with Libya, and to refrain from unnecessary travel to the northern areas of South Sinai Governorate, north of the St. Catherine – Nuweiba Road.

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