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TOP 10 Friendliest Cities in the World: Canada has 2 cities ranked very high

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Condé Nast Traveler magazine has announced the awards voted on by readers for the 36th annual time, evaluating the “friendliness” of each city based on readers’ perceptions when traveling. From Mexico to Southeast Asia, here are the top 10 friendliest cities in the world, with 2 Canadian cities making it to the list at very high positions.

#10. Kyoto, Japan

Visiting Kyoto is like stepping back in time to Imperial Japan, where you can explore 10th-century temples and encounter geishas on the streets. The city also has a completely modern side, thanks to a wave of young artists establishing photography exhibits and stylish boutiques. The blend of ancient tradition and 21st-century vibrancy makes it one of the most fascinating cities in Japan, warmly welcoming both locals and foreigners to their world.

#9. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the perfect starting point for first-time visitors to Portugal, offering coastal scenery, historical architecture, and delightful pastries to make your vacation complete. With increasing popularity, you’re sure to encounter fellow travelers or backpackers exploring Lisbon, as well as many families and children playing in parks until sunset. Make friends with like-minded individuals at one of the charming restaurants or fado music cafes in Lisbon, then rest up for a new day of adventure in any of the many excellent hotels in the city.

#8. Cape Town, South Africa

Complex, diverse, and steeped in history, Cape Town embodies the best aspects of South Africa. The city attracts visitors with its stunning coastline (one of the most beautiful in the world), inviting them to stay in world-class restaurants and culturally rich museums—not to mention the beautiful parks, beaches, and picturesque vineyards just a short drive away. Stroll along Long and Bree Streets to find friendly, reliable eateries where you can connect with locals and enjoy top-notch wine.

#7. Porto, Portugal

Porto may be known for its wine and harbor, but wine enthusiasts aren’t the only ones captivated by this warm northern city. Besides wine, the second Portuguese city on this list boasts some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes—and some of the happiest locals. After experiencing the city’s most interesting photography exhibits and chocolate shops, sit down at a sidewalk café and smile at passersby (they’re sure to smile back).

#6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Beaches. Underwater sports. Nightlife. That’s what you can find in Puerto Vallarta. Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, this resort town, friendly to the LGBTQ community, is surrounded by palm-covered mountains. Some worthwhile experiences include sunbathing on Yelapa Beach, strolling along the Malecón, or heading offshore to snorkel with a breathing tube at the uninhabited Islas Marietas National Park.

#5. Sydney, Australia

This beautiful coastal city has always been loved by readers, and now it even scores high for friendliness. This is not surprising (Australians are known for being friendly), but the lifestyle of Sydney’s residents truly needs to be experienced firsthand. And if you need another reason to visit, Sydney is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and cafes in the country.

#4. Edinburgh, Scotland

If you’re looking for Gothic architecture, lively restaurants, or a few glasses of whisky, Edinburgh is the destination for you. Honored as the tenth friendliest city in the world, the Scottish capital exudes an artistic and appealing atmosphere that both locals and tourists appreciate. Despite its global fame, Edinburgh still exudes the charm of a small town thanks to its close-knit community and local businesses.

#3 Quebec City, Canada

Visiting Quebec City is like being in Europe without having to cross the Atlantic. This city is rich in history and charm, with its unmistakably “Frenchness” reflected in its cuisine (and the city’s allure). Old Quebec, a UNESCO-recognized area, exudes romance with its cobblestone streets and charming cafes—and the people you meet in the city are also very friendly and eager to help.

#2. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has seen a surge in global companies and foreigners stepping in, but the city still maintains the hospitality of the Irish people. You’ll never be jostled as you walk through crowded streets—and that’s perfectly normal. Almost every street has (at least) one pub filled with locals and tourists celebrating life—and that welcoming feeling lasts long after a few drinks.

#1. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

With the Old World charm in North America (often considered the most British city in Canada), Victoria is both an independent destination and an easy day trip from Vancouver. This city is an excellent starting point to explore Vancouver Island, but it’s also worth exploring the city’s beautiful gardens, outstanding museums, bustling harbor, and luxurious afternoon teas at upscale hotels. And although it is the capital of British Columbia, Victoria takes pride in possessing the energy of a small, unique town due to its small population and abundant nature throughout the city.

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