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Winona Peach Festival takes place in Ontario this month

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The annual Winona Peach Festival, held at the end of each summer, has returned.

At the festival, you’ll get to enjoy peach cobbler, jelly, salsa, beverages, sundae ice cream, and more, along with the most delicious baked peaches topped with a layer of goodness and the freshest, ripest peaches you’ve ever tasted.

After indulging in the fruit, you can savor BBQ dishes, gluten-free options, Greek cuisine, schnitzel, breakfast foods, perogies, and savory items like pulled pork sandwiches and meatball subs.

There will be a vast marketplace featuring 100 local vendors displaying their goods, including fresh fruits and vegetables from farms.

The festival also offers entertaining activities and events, including trips around the festival grounds and events like the Grand Peach Gala.

Festival attendees will recognize the iconic mascots, Peter and Paula, who have been delighting visitors since 1981.

The Winona Peach Festival has been recognized as one of the top 100 festivals in Ontario, making it a fun and memorable weekend.

And the best part is that the festival is only an hour away from Toronto, located on Winona Road in Stoney Creek.

Winona Peach Festival

Date: August 25th to August 27th, 2023
Location: Winona Park, 1328 Winona Street, Stoney Creek

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