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Snow shovelling and heart attacks: What to know as winter settles in

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As winter settles in, concerns about heart attacks linked to snow shoveling are raised. 

Ottawa City Councillor Jeff Leiper, who experienced a heart attack while shoveling in 2019, joins others in cautioning about the risks. A 2017 study suggests heavy snowfall and shoveling increase the risk of hospitalization for heart attacks, especially in men. 

Shoveling is a demanding workout, reaching over 75% of the maximum heart rate. 

Emergency rooms in Hamilton, Ontario, saw a rise in heart attack cases during heavy snow in January 2022. 

Tips to minimize risk include warming up, taking breaks, pushing instead of lifting snow, and monitoring oneself for signs of distress.

It’s crucial to be aware of heart attack symptoms and call 911 promptly in case of an emergency.

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