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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Key measures proposed in Canada’s 2024 federal budget

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Canada unveils more taxes on rich, EV tax credits in federal budget

Here are some of the key government measures and proposals outlined in the 2023-24 budget presented by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland on Tuesday, April 16:

  • boost the inclusion rate on capital gains realized annually above $250,000 by individuals and on all capital gains realized by corporations and trusts from one-half to two thirds
  • deliver a C$15 billion top-up to the Apartment Construction Loan Program to build a minimum of 30,000 new apartments
  • launch a new C$6 billion Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate the construction and upgrading of critical housing infrastructure
  • launch a new C$1.5 billion Canada Rental Protection Fund to protect affordable housing and create thousands of new affordable apartments
  • top-up the Housing Accelerator Fund with an additional C$400 million, so more municipalities can cut red tape, fast-track home construction, and invest in affordable housing.
  • allow 30-year mortgage amortizations for first-time home buyers purchasing newly built homes, effective August 1, 2024
  • spend C$500 million to support rental housing with low-cost financing through the Apartment Construction Loan Program
  • offer up to C$5 billion in loan guarantees to unlock access to capital for Indigenous communities, allowing them to invest in oil and gas projects
  • a C$2.4 billion package of measures to boost artificial intelligence. This includes C$2 billion to build and provide access to computing capabilities and technological infrastructure for researchers, start-ups, and scale-ups
  • a new National School Food Program, with an investment of C$1 billion over five years
  • a new Child Care Expansion Loan Program, with C$1 billion in low-cost loans
  • a new 10% Electric Vehicle Supply Chain investment tax credit on the cost of buildings used in electric vehicle assembly, electric vehicle battery production and cathode active material production.
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