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Trudeau says temporary immigration needs to be brought ‘under control’

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed the government’s intention to address the influx of temporary immigrants entering Canada, stating that the situation needs to be brought “under control.”

Trudeau highlighted the significant increase in the proportion of temporary immigrants in Canada’s population and emphasized the need to curb this trend.  He cited concerns such as mental health challenges for international students and wage depression due to increased reliance on temporary foreign workers. Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced plans to set targets for temporary resident admissions, aiming to reduce their proportion in the population to five percent over the next three years. Meanwhile, Canada maintains its target for permanent residents, with plans to increase immigration numbers in the coming years. Additionally, there are plans to recalibrate the number of temporary admissions to ensure the sustainability of the immigration system. In January, a cap on student visa admissions was announced, reflecting a 35 percent decrease from the previous year.

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