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These Are The Best Christmas Destinations in Ontario, According to Influencers

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This is the most wonderful time of the year, and across the province of Ontario, towns and cities are transforming into sparkling wonderlands for the holiday season.

From vibrant cities to charming small towns, here are some favorite Christmas destinations in Ontario, based on suggestions from social media influencers.


For Priscilla Norley Adom, a content creator who often shares her travels on Instagram (@thenaanorley), Elora is a must-visit during the holidays. Adom shares, “After visiting Elora in the recent fall, I completely fell in love with this town. It exudes a quaint and charming atmosphere, capturing the essence of the holiday season.”

Exploring local shops, galleries, and decorated eateries contributes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in Elora. The combination of historical charm, community spirit, and Elora’s natural beauty makes it a top choice for those wanting to immerse themselves in the magic of Christmas in Ontario.


Roxana Rangel is a digital content creator who often shares travel guides for the Windsor Essex region on Instagram (@mytravellingbackpack). Rangel believes that the holiday season in Ontario is beautiful, and here are some of her top picks when it comes to must-visit places in Windsor. “During the holiday season, one of my favorite places is the holiday markets. In Windsor, Ontario, there are two markets I love attending – the Mistletoe Market and W.E. Made it Market at Bright Lights Windsor in Jackson Park.”

The Windsor area also hosts various events throughout the holiday season. For example, visiting the holiday village at the Christmas event in Heritage Village, adorned with vibrant lights and other festive elements, creates a festive atmosphere.


Marie is a local travel blogger, and her Instagram account is filled with beautiful photos of nature and stunning travel destinations. Marie’s favorite place to experience the holiday season in Ontario is her hometown – Kingston, ON. Marie shares, “Every December, Kingston transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland.” “With the ice skating rink, Christmas market, and decorations, Kingston’s downtown is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit!”

Kingston is indeed a real-life dream for Christmas enthusiasts, featuring attractions like taking a holiday-themed trolley, the German Christmas market, stage performances, and more. You’ll also want to glide around the picturesque ice rink at Springer Market Square and enjoy seasonal drinks at many cafes in the city center.

Niagara Falls

Content creator Adom also chooses Niagara Falls as a favorite destination to visit at least once every year. According to Adom, the city always offers a blend of natural beauty and festive joy. For example, the iconic waterfall is illuminated with vibrant colors reflecting on the water, creating a beautiful sight for visitors. Additionally, the Winter Festival of Lights and various other activities make Niagara Falls a beloved Christmas destination, providing a unique holiday experience.

You can explore the Winter Festival of Lights on foot or by car. Furthermore, you can visit Safari Lights to enjoy the Christmas fun. The drive-through experience takes you along a 3 km illuminated path with over a million lights and a magical display.

Sault Ste. Marie

Thousands took in the annual Christmas tree lighting during Moonlight Magic on Queen Street Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018. Donna Hopper/SooToday

Daniel Reyes Cocka is a local blogger who posts about incredible adventures on Instagram (@dothedaniel). Cocka mentions that while the journey to Sault Ste. Marie may take some time, the people, scenery, and vibrant culinary scene make it his favorite destination.

When in the city, you can participate in various festive activities in the area, including holiday performances, Nutcracker music shows, and more.


Although this city is not actually in Ontario, Rangel suggests crossing the border to experience some Christmas magic. Rangel shares, “If you’re visiting Windsor, Ontario, this holiday season, don’t forget to bring your passport to cross the border and visit Campus Martius in downtown Detroit.”

There, you can ice skate at The Cadillac Lodge, shop at Downtown Detroit Markets, and admire the 64-foot tall Norwegian spruce tree planted in Michigan.

You can also visit 1001 Winter Wonders and meet Santa Claus in a festive setting. Alternatively, swing by Monroe Street Midway to enjoy holiday season fun.

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