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The Boss is awake. Albertans hoping for a peek are advised to maintain a safe distance

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The emergence of Banff’s renowned grizzly bear “The Boss” (Bear No. 122) from hibernation has attracted numerous Albertans to the mountains seeking a glimpse of his adventures. Identified by his massive size, distinctive features like a missing chunk of his right ear and a shorter snout, The Boss has become a social media sensation.

Despite the excitement, bear safety experts like John Clarke emphasize the importance of keeping a safe distance to avoid human-wildlife conflicts. Clarke warns that approaching too closely could agitate the bear, potentially leading to dangerous encounters. He stresses the need for public awareness, highlighting that The Boss’s celebrity status inadvertently raises awareness about Alberta’s threatened grizzly bear population.

Parks Canada reinforces these safety measures, reminding visitors to stay at least 100 meters away from wildlife and adhere to national park regulations prohibiting the disturbance of animals. The agency encourages carrying bear spray, making noise, and staying on designated trails to protect both wildlife and visitors.

In response to the growing interest in The Boss, Parks Canada has implemented measures to manage visitor behavior, including monitoring areas where the bear frequents and issuing fines for wildlife disturbance.

Overall, while The Boss’s popularity generates excitement, it’s essential to prioritize wildlife conservation and safety by respecting prescribed safety guidelines and maintaining a respectful distance from these majestic creatures.

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