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New Platform, AutoCate, Aims to Empower Women in Auto Repairs

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A Waterloo woman, Stefanie Bruinsma, has launched AutoCate, a platform designed to assist women in navigating the often daunting world of auto repairs. Bruinsma, a University of Waterloo graduate and former auto mechanic, recognized the need for such a service after experiencing gender bias and seeing women overcharged for repairs.

AutoCate offers subscription-based assistance for auto maintenance and repairs, acting as a reliable source of information and guidance. Bruinsma aims to combat overselling in the industry, where unnecessary repairs are commonly pushed onto customers. The service is not exclusive to women, as 25 of the initial 100 subscribers are men.

Using AI and data analysis, AutoCate aims to provide tailored solutions to common auto-related queries, reducing the reliance on traditional mechanics for every issue. Additionally, the platform hosts workshops to educate users, fostering a supportive community around car maintenance.

Bruinsma hopes AutoCate will not only empower consumers but also build trust between customers and mechanics, ultimately improving the auto repair experience for everyone involved.

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