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7 Inspiring Christmas Decoration Movies

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From the classic red and green color palette of Home Alone to the quaint British cottage in The Holiday, here are 7 movies that will inspire you to decorate your space in December.

Home Alone

When it comes to holiday reruns, it’s hard to beat the classic Christmas budget film, Home Alone. Part of what makes this film timeless is the memorable decor by Eve Cauley.

The traditional color scheme of the McCallister house is partly inspired by Norman Rockwell’s Americana Christmas portraits. If your family loves this film, consider incorporating the timeless red, green, and gold hues of Rockwell’s era into your space. Adding this classic color palette to pillows, blankets, and tablecloths is a delightful idea for a festive Christmas atmosphere.

Little Women

Although not a holiday-specific movie, Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of the classic novel boasts some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations, thanks to production designer Jess Gonchor.

Recreate the 19th-century decor by filling your home with fresh fruits and greenery, replacing plastic decorations with natural elements. You can even swap indoor lights with non-burning candles for added charm. Don’t forget to draw inspiration from the March family’s dining table arrangement – choosing unique sweets is the key to perfecting the scene.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton and Henry Selick’s classic stop-motion film cleverly blends Christmas and Halloween, making it an ideal choice for a unique holiday theme. Consider decorating with a black artificial Christmas tree adorned with white decorations, showcasing the fusion of Halloween and Christmas. Additionally, use green laser lights with a fog machine to recreate a scene where Sally tries to create fog at the fountain to prevent Jack from ruining Christmas. 

The Holiday

Nancy Meyers, the queen of heartwarming romantic comedies, reached the pinnacle of her genre with The Holiday, released in December 2006. The film’s secret weapon is Rosehill Cottage, set in the romantic English countryside.

Let the romantic and cozy setting of The Holiday inspire simple holiday decorations this year. All you really need to turn your space into a comfortable English home is a mountain of warm blankets. Then, decorate your surroundings with chintz and paisley fabrics to bring an artistic and romantic feel to your interior.

A Christmas Prince

The story of an ambitious journalist becoming the queen of Aldovia, A Christmas Prince brings a royal Christmas spirit different from typical holiday films.

If you want to emulate the design of this fictional nation and explore the entire European castle, decorate your home with yellow accents from thrift stores and adorn staircases with luxurious red ribbon from discount stores. And don’t forget to find the largest Christmas tree you can place in your space.


The 2014 Oscar-winning film is not a holiday movie, but it made the list due to a scene where Michael Keaton’s character, Riggan Thomson, visits a liquor store in downtown Manhattan. With the beautiful cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki, the scenes immerse in dazzling Christmas lights.

Draw inspiration from this scene to transform a special corner in your space into sparkling light strips of various kinds. From red lights to traditional sparkling white lights, stack them together to create a unique decorative masterpiece.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Nothing creates a more melancholic Christmas atmosphere than the 1965 TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, with the unmistakable music of the Vince Guaraldi Trio striking the perfect balance between sadness and joy. If you love this classic version, consider recreating the main character’s melancholic mood as the backdrop for your holiday decorations.

Whether it’s a mini Christmas tree bought from a convenience store or a more natural DIY approach, finding a supply for your own Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree is not difficult. If you don’t want the decoration to be messy, you can also choose to buy a “Peanuts” Christmas tree, similar to the one Charlie Brown decorated in the film, produced and sold under the same brand.

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