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12 Living Room Trends to Transform Your Home

Follow these designers’ décor predictions to create visual interest

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The heart of your home, the living room, is a space that should be both functional and stylish. These 12 trends can inject some snap and sizzle.

1. Unique Layouts:

Traditional living room layouts are out. Instead, homeowners can opt for unique and personalized designs. According to designer Bradley Odom, standout furniture pieces such as leather-wrapped daybeds or unusual chairs can create a distinctive atmosphere.

2. Unexpected Accessories:

Gone are the days of predictable living room accessories such as a coffee table, books, and small sculptures. Odom predicts a rise in unexpected, sentimental or unique items to anchor the room in an intriguing way.

3. Multipurpose Spaces:

Designer Jennifer Hunter suggests that the living room should serve multiple purposes and recommends including a game table to fully utilize the space.

4. Warm and Calming Neutrals:

Jill Elliott, founder of Color Kind Studio, predicts that living room color schemes will shift towards warm and calming neutrals such as blues, peach-pinks, sable, mushroom, and ecru.

5. Curves Ahead:

Rounded upholstery, pillows and accessories, and arched doorways are making a comeback, according to designer Grey Joyner. She notes that curved furniture, such as sofas, accent chairs, and benches, will be more prevalent.

6. Exciting Accent Pieces:

Expect a rise in accent chairs with distinctive details. The addition of accent material or color throughout the home can create a cohesive look and add visual interest.

7. Unexpected Color Pairings:

Bold colors like burnt orange will be paired with muted pastels and soft blue-grey-white mixed with deep, saturated rust. Also anticipate the use of complementary colored sofas and accent chairs.

8. Natural Inspiration:

Marble, rattan, wicker, and cane will continue to be prominent says Joyner. Earth tones will be popular, as the influence of the natural world expands.

9. Decorative Lighting:

Statement lighting pieces are on the rise. Joyner thinks that lamps, even if they are more decorative than functional, will be incorporated into residential spaces alongside recessed lighting.

10. Creative Uses for Wallpaper:

Wallpaper can be used as border for windows and doors. Playful uses of prints and color will also be in demand.

11. Painted Ceilings:

Jessica Mycek from paint brand Dunn-Edwards DURA suggests that painting the ceiling can create a sense of cohesiveness and encourage the use of a fifth wall.

12. The Return of Art Deco:

Joyner predicts the influence of Art Deco will be evident in accent pieces and accessories since this period’s influence is starting to regain prominence.

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