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11 Items You Shouldn’t Place on Top of Your Fridge

Safety experts and firefighters share profound insights into smart storage practices

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In the effort to maximize every inch of kitchen space, the top of the refrigerator often becomes an enticing storage spot. However, safety experts and rescue personnel caution against this practice due to potential hidden dangers. Below is a guide on items you should avoid storing on top of the refrigerator and the reasons behind it, along with tips for safer alternatives.

Bread and Baked Goods:

• Storing bread on top of the fridge can lead to poor ventilation, causing it to go stale quickly.
• Advice: Use a bread box on your kitchen countertop for optimal freshness.

Cooking Instruction Books:

• Paper items on the fridge top pose a risk of catching fire.
• Advice: Store cooking instruction books in a safer place to prevent potential accidents.

Small Appliances:

• Appliances can easily shift and fall due to the fridge door movements.
• Advice: If space allows, consider a garage shelf for appliances instead of the fridge top.

Cookie Jar:

• Placing attractive items like a cookie jar can be dangerous for children climbing.
• Advice: Use a airtight, unbreakable container for safe cookie storage.


• Medications should be stored securely, away from children’s reach.
• Advice: Keep medicines in a locked medicine cabinet.

Cereal Boxes:

• Lightweight cereal boxes are unstable and can attract pests.
• Advice: Use airtight containers in a pantry for both freshness and safety.

Fresh Produce:

• Placing produce on the fridge top can accelerate spoilage and attract pests.
• Advice: Keep fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter or in a food storage cabinet.

Glass Bowls and Jars:

• Heavy glass items pose a risk of falling and may accumulate grease and dust.
• Advice: Store glassware in a proper stackable container inside a cabinet.

TV Trays and Plates:

• Avoid storing oversized flat items on the fridge top.
• Advice: Use a designated food storage cabinet for these items.

Wine Bottles:

• The top of the fridge is unsuitable for wine storage due to temperature fluctuations.
• Advice: Find a cool, dark place to store wine properly.


• Storing spices on the fridge top can diminish their freshness and flavor.
• Advice: Invest in spice storage solutions to maximize shelf life.

The best and safest way to use this space is to install an additional cabinet above the refrigerator, securely fixed to the wall, not directly on top of the fridge.
This helps maintain airflow and prevents items from shifting when opening or closing the fridge door.
By avoiding common storage mistakes, you not only ensure the longevity of your belongings but also contribute to creating a safer kitchen environment.
Always prioritize safety when organizing your kitchen space!

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