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Massive wildfire triggers evacuation alert for entire city of 21,000 in B.C.

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A wildfire near Fort St. John, B.C., has put over 20,000 people on evacuation alert, warning them to be prepared to leave their homes at any moment. The entire municipality of Fort St. John is on alert due to advancing wildfires in the area.

The Stoddart Creek Wildfire, classified as out of control, covers an estimated 13,000 square kilometers. If the alert is upgraded to an evacuation order, it would be one of the largest in B.C.’s history.

The Blueberry River First Nation has already ordered its community of 500 members to evacuate.

With several evacuation orders and alerts in place, the region is facing significant wildfire threats. The majority of the fires are human-caused, emphasizing the need for caution during this time.

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