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Toronto is the top city in the world for ‘Workation’ – a blend of work and vacation

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Thanks to the rise of remote work and flexible working options worldwide, people now have the choice to work from wherever they desire.

However, when it comes to the ideal location for a “workation,” Toronto has emerged as a major winner.

This concept is known as a Workation (a combination of “work” and “vacation”), and Toronto has been ranked as the best in the world in a report by the International Workplace Group (IWG).

According to IWG, Workcations are defined as instances where travelers work at foreign destinations while extending their vacations. This practice has gained popularity since flexible hybrid working arrangements became a prevalent work style for many.

Based on data from IWG, 88% of workers opted for ‘working from anywhere’ last year, with almost three-fifths (57%) extending their vacations by working abroad.

In addition to these statistical figures, 67% of surveyed workers by IWG expressed confidence in efficiently performing their job tasks while abroad.

Overall, this new report assessed the top 25 cities based on nine criteria: from the cost of food, transportation, and accommodation, to the number of annual sunlight hours and the availability of flexible workspaces, all scored on a scale of 90.

Toronto tied for first place with Barcelona, Spain, both scoring 58.5 out of 90. According to IWG, Canada’s largest city offers a diverse experience, with over 25% of the city’s area covered by forests and an impressive 18% dedicated to parks, providing ample green spaces for relaxation amid the bustling urban environment.

Here are the cities that Toronto surpassed in this list:
• Toronto, Canada (58.5/90)
• Barcelona, Spain (58.5/90, tied for first)
• Beijing, China (57.5/90)
• Milan, Italy (57/90)
• New York, USA (56.5/90)
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (55/90)
• Amsterdam, Netherlands (55/90, tied for sixth)
• Paris, France (55/90, tied for sixth)
• Jakarta, Indonesia (55/90, tied for sixth)
• Lisbon, Portugal (54.5)

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