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McGill University Plans to Return to In-Person Classes For Fall Semester

McGill University plans to return to in-person classes for the upcoming fall semester amid the COVID-19 health crisis. The Montreal-based post-secondary institution confirmed the decision in a public statement issued...

Details on How to Register for a COVID-19 Vaccine Coming Soon Says Ontario Health Minister

Ontarians should expect details very soon on how they will be able to register to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, Health Minister Christine Elliott says. During the question period at Queen's...

Mass Vaccinations Not Only Factor in Canada’s Reopening Timeline Says, Dr. Tam

Canada’s chief public health officer says the timing of when Canada will return to some state of normalcy is not solely dependent on the country achieving mass vaccination. Dr. Theresa...

NASA Releases “Amazing” New Landing Videos and Images from Mars Perseverance Landing

Nasa has released the first video of its car-sized robotic rover titled Perseverance, which astonishedly landed on Mars and released the first recorded sound on the surface of the red planet.

Ford Government Investing Over $4-Million to Train Over 300 Personal Support Workers

The Ontario government is planning to spend more than four million dollars to help train hundreds of personal support workers (PSWs). Long-term care minister Dr. Merilee Fullerton says the money...

Financial Data from Canada’s Big Banks Likely to Provide Insight on Economic Recovery this Week

Canada’s largest banks will report their quarterly financial results this week, and analysts say they will be listening for hints as to how bank executives view the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Canada To Receive 640,000 Vaccine Doses from Pfizer and Moderna Deliveries This Week

The Public Health Agency of Canada says it expects more than 640,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses from the pharmaceutical giants this week, which would represent the largest number of deliveries in a single week.

Ontario Overview

Ontario has densely populated cities along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River in the south, and remote communities in the forests of the Canadian Shield in the north. This is reflected...

How Japanese Kintsugi Brings Beauty to Flawed Items, Including Ourselves

In Japanese, "kintsugi" (金継ぎ) means "golden joinery." It is an art form that mends broken items by soldering fragments together using precious metals such as gold. The birth of...

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