Welcome to spring, Canada! What will the weather be like for the next three spring months?

Winter has just officially ended, but most of Canada has already experienced the same temperature as spring. What can we expect the next 3 spring months to look like across Canada?

After the chilly February across Central Canada, March saw a dramatic reversal with higher-than-normal temperatures for most of the country. One notable exception is the region with one of the warmest winters on record – it’s across the Maritimes region, which has experienced colder March so far. South Coast of B.C. and Yukon is also colder than usual.

It’s important to remember that spring is famous for its volatile temperatures, and this year will be no exception.

However, for much of Canada east of the Rockies, intertwining times of warmth and coolness will either almost compensate for each other or lean toward the warmth of normal temperatures.

This means that the coming spring will be much warmer than the spring in recent memory. However, it is predicted that the temperature will drop to a cool relative to normal in most areas in B.C. and south of the Yukon. The southernmost regions of Ontario and the southern and eastern regions of the province of Quebec are expected to be warmer than usual.

The Weather Network predicts that most of Canada will see near-normal rainfall in spring, but there are a few areas where rainfall is likely to be above normal – much of British Columbia and from the northern Great Lakes to the middle. mind Quebec.

For B.C., it is predicted that the wet pattern will continue until April, and then the province will be more likely to move to a more seasonal pattern in May. For Ontario and Quebec expect regular rainy days, but some regions will be wetter than usual in central and northern Ontario and southern Quebec.

There is concern about increasing drought across the southern Prairies steppe. The area had a very dry winter and the soil moisture was lower than usual. But there is a cautiously optimistic reason that beneficial rains will return to the area in spring.

Although rainfall projections are near normal or above normal for large areas of Canada, the overall threat to spring floods this year is much lower. Most areas where spring flooding is a concern each year now have lower than normal amounts of ice and snow than in winter. One exception is throughout the high mountains of B.C. and Alberta, where ice is above normal, and the risk of flooding in these areas will be closely monitored.

In the province of Alberta, March there is a sudden shift from cold winter weather to mid-spring weather. However, when we go into the heart of spring (April and May), expect a more typical spring. Residents of this area also know too well that impactful winter weather can occur during spring.

The southernmost areas of the province are at risk of moving towards the dry side relative to normal levels and we are concerned that a drought in the summer will affect agriculture in the southern regions.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt