Vietnam Just Observed Its Highest Temperature Ever

In recent years, green – house effect has a considerable impact on global climate, including Vietnam. This influence has shown in the abnormal weather with dramatically scorching day in various different locations in Vietnam. That the road can fry the eggs, hoten the meat and even cause the headache to residents are not  strange phenomena. The tendency to increase the temperature in summer in Vietnam is supposed to continue and develop negatively in the future.

According to The Washington Post report, the average temperature in some famous tourist destinations such as Da Nang, Hue, Ho Chi Minh is respectively 100°F, 105°F and 95°F.

Such annoying weather increase the afraid of visitors, reducing the number of travellers coming to Vietnam on these days. Even the residents in those regions can not suffer from this record-breaking heat. A lot of people express their dissatisfaction with such uncomfortable weather and the highest-ever temperature is considered to affect negatively on normal life and their work’s effectiveness.

“It is so hard to carry on your day in this. But people have to. That is the sad part” (Phuong Hoang’s share) or “ It is unbreathable outside this heat. The temperature at 6:00 a.m is already 85-88 degree” are some of their complaints about recent scorching days. The residents not only experience those annoying day but also learn to cope with them. Farmers have to change their work time on fields, reducing the effectiveness. Employees limit the times to go out, staying in office or house. The children are naughty and over active because the weather are too harsh for their health. These impacts drive the residents’s life to difficulty and inconvenience.

The weather which can soften the crayons, liquefy the chocolate and raise the temperature inside a parked car past 140 degree, undoubtedly has prompted a hotly-debated issue demanding leaders take urgent actions. The erupted volcano in Australia or forest fires in European are greatest evils to the life of human beings. If human do not have any improvements or solutions to deal with this problem, the global climate will surely continue to be worse and worse.

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