What You Need for an Effective Learning and Working Space

Your space can help improve ability to work and study effectively.

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, the trend of working and studying at home has been promoted. It is expected to continue even post-pandemic. Having a comfortable working space gives you more energy, helps you study and get your work done more efficiently.

Choosing colors is important

Studies have shown that colors have a significant effect on psychology and performance. An efficient working environment needs proper color coordination. Red is warm and affects physical activity, while blue is cool and promotes intellectual thinking.

For a workplace, neutral or light colors such as white, yellow, light gray, and green are appropriate. They give a sense of spatial extension and provide a feeling of fresh energy.

Lighting is an essential factor

A workplace needs good lighting to stimulate thinking and creativity. Studies found that light has a positive effect and can make you feel happy, healthy and comfortable. A working space requires windows to get natural light and helps us connect to the outside environment. The level of light should only be enough to create brightness for the place. If it is too bright, your eyes will feel uncomfortable, causing distractions.

At night, the right light is vital for working. Moderate lights, including ceiling lights and a desk lamp, help avoid eye strain as well as increasing your ability to concentrate.

Must-have items in your workplace

A desk with tall legs and a chair.  These two things are indispensable. Currently, there are many options in the design and color of the desk that meet users’ needs and preferences. Do not work on your bed as it will be harmful to your posture and disrupts your sleep schedule.

A bookshelf is a perfect item to support your organization. Storing materials neatly on a shelf helps you not to spend too much time searching. Also, bookshelves are decorative items that make a space more elegant.

Planting trees indoors is a very effective idea to inspire work. The green color of the leaves helps refresh your mind and the trees are also good for filtering dust in the house, providing a fresh and clean working space.

Some other things to create inspiration in the workplace are photographs, paintings, famous inspirational quotes, flower pots, and desk calendars. Depending on one’s taste, using these decorative items is a good way to boost your creativity.

Things to avoid when setting up a workplace:

  • Strictly following others’ suggestions. This is a personal space so items should be chosen according to the owner’s tastes and needs.
  • Separate your working space from where you relax because these two places have different requirements. Combining your workplace and bedroom can make you less productive and cause you to not sleep well, reducing the quality of your life.
  • Don’t put your desk next to the bathroom due to possibility of cloying humidity. Instead, place your desk near windows or somewhere with good lighting and close to nature.

Space is the first factor that affects your mood and productivity. It is worth investing in a space that suits your taste and improves your work flow. 

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