Vietnamese Cuisine Tips That Would Fit Any Culture and Tastes

Everyone loves an excellent Vietnamese dish. Throwing together the ingredients can feel like an exotic challenge, but cooking a delicious meal shouldn’t be an unreachable goal. Managing to make your family and friends fall in love with the dishes that you cook will give you more fulfillment than ever before. One of the most important things to remember when cooking is that you don’t need every single ingredient listed to prepare a dish, provided, of course, that they are all everyday staples in your kitchen. Here are some Vietnamese cuisine tips that would fit any culture and taste.

Common cuisine tips

  • The importance of rice

Even though it might seem trivial, rice is an important aspect when cooking a Vietnamese dish. The rice should be simmered to avoid burning and overcooking. Cooking it will also make the grains softer, which is necessary for many recipes that you can try, such as Pho Bo (Rice soup) or Bun Bo (Bun noodles).

  • The essential ingredient that would make a world of difference

Vinegar could turn any dish from good to perfect. Vinegar has been used in cooking and food preservation since the Roman Empire. It adds the spiciness to your dish that you might be missing. Vietnamese cuisine is known for the perfect combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, which can be achieved through adding vinegar.

  • Add some crunch to your dish with mung bean sprouts.

Mung beans are a great source of protein, and it would be more than perfect for adding them as a vegetarian option for any meal. They are incredibly healthy and will give your different dish flavours every time you eat them. They are usually served raw or cooked, but most people prefer to eat them raw.

  • Experiment with new and unusual ingredients

You don’t need to stick to the recipe all the time if you feel like you can improve your cooking skills. Adding some uncommon spices or vegetables such as yellow bean paste, basil, or banana flower will give your dish a twist that it desperately needs.

The most important thing about cooking is having fun, so experiment as much as you want until you find your spice. You can have the best recipes and learn from other people, but if you aren’t a happy person in the kitchen, then all of these things won’t be able to save your cooking experience.

How to prepare perfect Vietnamese dishes

To cook a perfect Vietnamese dish, you need to follow simple steps. For starters, you should make your stock if possible. The smell of Pho Bo (Rice soup) or Pho Ga (Chicken soup), which is considered one of the most popular soups globally, can be attributed to the fact that they are made with homemade stock. If you don’t have any homemade stock available, you can always order ingredients or prepared dishes from food delivery companies, and such services help save time on a budget. You can also make sure that you have some chicken bouillon on hand. Other than stock and bouillon, it would be good to have onions and garlic because these two ingredients can turn any dish from good to great.

To prepare a rice porridge, add some coconut milk and ginger to flavour it. The same applies to fish porridge. You may need to buy them from an authentic Vietnamese grocery store for unique recipes, such as fried rice or banh mi (Vietnamese baguette).

  1. Should you be using meat, then make sure that you have a sharp knife and use it. The level of heat that should be used depends on the type of meat you are cooking.
  2. The slowest part of the cooking process is boiling. Therefore, you should place your burner on the minimum level so that you can slowly follow your recipe without having to constantly check if everything is going according to plan.
  3. If you don’t have fresh fish on hand, it would be good to use canned one as long as it doesn’t smell bad or has some cans that look damaged. Try not to cook the fish more than necessary because all of its taste will run away once overcooked.
  4. Before serving your meal, sprinkle some pepper and chopped garlic to add more flavour and presentation.
  5. Make sure that you are patient because you want to ensure that your fish is cooked thoroughly with no visible bones.
  6. If you want to prepare a vegetarian dish, don’t be afraid of using tofu. Tofu is available in many supermarkets or Asian stores, and it is incredibly healthy.
  7. One of the most important things when cooking Vietnamese cuisine is preserving the traditional recipes. The Vietnamese people are incredibly proud of their heritage, so if you add something that would ruin the recipe’s authenticity, you will make them very upset. Therefore, if you feel that something needs to be changed, then do it in a way that will still respect the original recipe.

The importance of serving dishes at the right temperature

When preparing a dish, it is essential to know how to serve it at the right temperature. To do this well, you need to understand the various techniques to make your food delicious and flavorful. The most common method used by most cooks in the water bath or simmering technique is ‘trứng mát.’ This technique involves cooking a dish with boiling water to cook it thoroughly without leaving any burned flavour behind.


Vietnamese cuisine is known for its complex preparation methods and fine ingredients. You might have to give up your favourite fast-food restaurants, but the reward will be a homemade dish with a taste that you will never forget.

It is essential to know that Vietnamese food has many dishes similar to other Asian countries and is very flexible. You should make sure that you take advantage of this to be a part of the new wave of Vietnamese chefs.

The most important thing about cooking is having fun, so experiment as much as you want until you find your spice. You can have the best recipes and learn from other people, but if you aren’t a happy person in the kitchen, then all of these things won’t be able to save your cooking experience.

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