Things You MUST Try at Least One Time in Canadian Winter

You may wonder, “It must be cold and snowy in Canada…what do Canadians even do in the Winter?” Well, believe it or not there are a lot of fun activities Canadians do during the winter! Give some of these activities a try this winter and experience Winter Activities in Canada, Like a Local~

Video Transcript:

Although Canada has a cold and long winter, usually from December to February, sometimes it’s longer, there is always something for Canadians to do. Let’s check them out:

1/ Skating and Skiing

Of course, the first and most traditional winter activities are skating and skiing. 

In the other seasons, it is a driving/walking road or a lake, but during winter they turn into skating rinks and trails. There are many free beautiful outdoor skating rinks for you to choose from. 

For those who love skiing, there are the top ski resorts near Toronto such as Blue Mountain and Mount St.Louis Moonstone.

2/ Visiting light or ice festivals

Despite the cold weather, Canadians can enjoy many outdoor activities such as light and ice festivals during the winter. In fact, Canada boasts some of the world’s biggest and best winter festivals this season.

For example, Toronto Christmas Market, where you can get into the holiday mood. It usually happens about 1 month ahead of Christmas Eve at Distillery District. 

Bloor-Yorkville Icefest, where there are incredible ice sculptures and live ice carving demonstrations

The Toronto Light Festival at Distillery District, where the historic site contrasts with modern light sculptures and light installations and so on

So, all you need to do is wrapping yourselves warm, getting out of the dark and enjoying the lively world outside. 

3/ Snow and ice removal

When your car is covered by snow, you have to do something like this …. to remove the snow and ice…every single morning. This probably takes you about 10-15 minutes.

While slip and fall injuries can occur at any time of the year, winter is an especially dangerous time for such accidents. So, shovelling the snow can be your daily exercise in Canada. 

And you may be surprised that to protect public safety, many provincial cities require premises owners or occupiers to clear sidewalks of snow and ice. 

4/ And last but not least, let’s fall like a Canadian.

I joke but please be careful whenever you see ice, or sometimes it looks like water on the ground. Because you don’t really want to fall out. 

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