National Ice Cream Month: Food Pairings You Will Love

Ice Cream – the Climactic End to a Perfect Summertime Meal.

Ice cream is always in season, but in July – known as National Ice Cream Month – food lovers have an additional excuse to splurge on the popular and versatile dessert. Available in countless flavours from classics like vanilla and chocolate to refreshing innovations like Citrus Twist and Mango Tango, ice cream can complement and elevate any meal we might enjoy for dinner and lunch, but also snack-time and breakfast. To help make your meals more decadent and memorable this Ice Cream Month, here is a roundup of ice cream and food pairings that are worth exploring for Canadians.    

Vanilla ice cream with pancakes

Fluffy pancakes and soft, creamy vanilla ice cream make a delicious pairing. Even with Maple Syrup in the equation, the vanilla enhances the flavour of your breakfast plate and ensures a refreshing and effective wake-up call for your taste buds. Perfect for a special occasion or just to celebrate the weekend or end of a hard week. 

Strawberry flavour with waffles

Crispy waffles and sweet strawberry-flavoured ice cream make a tasty pairing. Adding a scoop of strawberry ice cream from your favourite brand will make your waffles denser, but also elevates the taste. Stacking a scoop of ice cream onto a pair of waffles also dresses your plate to the next level – a great show for a memorable morning breakfast or decadent dinnertime dessert.  

Mango ice cream with a glass of strawberry and banana smoothie

Silky and sweet mango ice cream and smooth sweet strawberry and banana smoothies make a great pairing, tantalizing both your taste buds and sense of tropical adventure. To elevate any breakfast smoothie, add a scoop of mango ice cream to your strawberry and banana smoothie or have the ice cream by itself as an accompaniment. The next time you are craving either a chunky or a smooth smoothie, make sure to have it with mango ice cream. 

Cookies and cream dessert with a horseradish-topped burger

Rich and creamy cookies ‘n cream makes a great dessert pairing with a juicy and hot burger. July is also National Horseradish Month, so why not elevate the flavour of your main meal with Hot Horseradish. This topping will not only enhance the flavour of your burger but will also set the stage for a tasty dessert cooldown treat. 

Cherry ice cream with a bowl of fruit salad

Creamy cherry ice cream and tangy fruit salad make a tasty pairing as a snack. If you are looking for something quick and decadent, especially on a hot summer day, turn to a fruit salad with a mixture of different fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries and pineapple. The next time you are craving something quick to eat – part snack and part treat – consider the potential of ice cream and how it can elevate your fruit salad. 

Strawberry Cheesecake flavour with a Red Velvet Cake

There’s something warm and attractive about the colour red on any dessert plate. So, to end on a high note, we’re recommending a scoop of Very Berry Strawberry with a half-piece of your favourite Red Velvet Cake. A half-and-half portion here will help you to avoid overdoing it and earning yourself an overindulged appetite. For maximum enjoyment, allow the two desserts to interplay on your plate and a little extra to chat with a loved one – so be sure to save your most passionate discussions for dessert time. Happy National Ice Cream Month!

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