Just a Typical Small Town Life

Some people never leave the area they grew up in. Small towns feel familiar and safe, but there are pros and cons of living anywhere

Canada is a huge country, and besides such metropolitans as Toronto and Vancouver, a lot of people grow up in small towns, which no one has ever heard of. For example, I live in Corunna in Lambton County, Ont., which has a little under 6,000 people. There are pros and cons of living in a small town. There are those who grow up there and can’t wait to leave, but some want to settle in that place for the rest of their lives.

Are Small Towns Worth it?

One of the most important factors to decide where to settle down and have a family is the sense of security. In small towns, your kids can walk places without too much supervision. I have always lived a few blocks away from the main “hangout” spot in my town, which in most cases is Tim Hortons. I have always felt safe in my home, whether it was full of people or empty with just me and my dogs. 

Knowing Your Neighbours 

A bonus to small towns is the fact that you know your neighbours and they know you. This can go either way depending on how friendly you like to be. For example, while going to school in St Catharines, I lived in a six-floor apartment building for two years and only knew two neighbours. While, in my small community back home, I know almost everyone up and down the street. The well-known phrase “noisy neighbours” aptly describes most neighbours in a town, as everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. While living in a quiet town seems ideal, there isn’t too much privacy.

You Don’t Know What You Got Until It’s Gone

Growing up in a small town can make you feel like you’re stuck in the same place, doing the same thing. When I was a fresh-out-of-high-school kid, I wanted to leave as soon as possible, craving for the city with its exciting night life. Getting out of this small town was all I ever wanted and going to school in St Catharines and living there felt completely opposite to how my small, safe town felt. Like a lot of people who had to move back home because of the pandemic, I got to truly appreciate how different environments can make you feel. I was safe and content in the familiar Corunna, whereas in the big and foreign St Catharines, I felt like an adult. 

Never left town but, why? 

A fun fact about my town is that a lot of people have stuck around until they grow old. For example, my mom and her five brothers have all stayed in the area after they started their own families. My dad and his parents moved here from England when he was young. Both my parents chose to raise a family in Corunna because of the security and safety here. Plus, there is even a French Immersion school up the road from our house for me and my siblings. How about you? Would you prefer the tranquility of a small town or the bustling city life?  

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