Tips to improve the quality of life for busy people

Reorganize your living space

Living spaces have a very strong effect on people’s moods. Thus, you should use your free time to clean and reorganize your living space. You may practice Japanese cleaning methods such as sorting home items and removing things that are no longer needed. When your living space is neat and tidy, your spirit will, therefore, be relieved and your mind will also be “reorganized”. Living in a pretty and comfy area will contribute to your relaxation. Give your house a breath of fresh air to “refresh” your mentality!

Do exercises

No matter how busy it is, each of us should spend a little time in our day to exercise. Keeping up this good habit will help your Health always be in its best condition possible, prevent a handful of diseases, and maintain your physique. Also, when we train, the body will release endorphin hormones – a neurotransmitter that triggers positive feelings, reduces stress, and improves your mentality.

Get better sleep

Try to improve your sleep after exhausting workdays. By making a habit of getting enough sleep, of 7 – 9 hours each night, you will improve your immune system, mood, and increase your productivity. You can use sleep reminders (the bedtime functionality) in almost every smartphone to check and keep track of your own time. If you have trouble sleeping, try to go to bed and turn off the lights earlier than usual and avoid using electronic devices because they will make you lose sleep.

Eat healthily

Skipping meals, especially breakfasts is very bad for your health. To have a nutritious meal, you need to ensure a balance between groups of nutrients including carbohydrate (carbs), protein, fat, and the group of vitamins and minerals. Especially, eating lots of vegetables every day will provide fibre, vitamins, minerals, prevent constipation, eliminate cholesterol, and prevent colorectal cancer. According to nutritionists’ advice, try to eat at least 300 grams of vegetables and 100 grams of fruits per day.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water is also a habit that needs to be kept up daily to have a healthy body, effective detoxification, smooth skin, less stress, and fatigue, etc. You should also keep tabs of golden hours to drink in a day to get the best results. Besides, you can also make detox water to get extra vitamins.


Meditation teaches you how to manage stress and when stress is reduced, you will gain improvement in both physical and mental health. You will only need a small corner in your bedroom (or even living room) to sit cross-legged and clear your mind for about 15 – 30 minutes each day (at the same hour). Here are some meditation applications for you to consider: Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, etc.

Avoid using social networks

Social networks are not bad, however, misusing them too much will make your life unbalanced. Not only is it time-consuming but it’s also the cause of unstable mental health, sleep disorders, and distractions which lead to unproductivity. You can start by limiting your social networking time with iPhone’s Screen Time, Android’s Digital Wellbeing, and other applications such as Moment, etc.

Invest in a hobby

Work, family, and social relationships have caused us to sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Personal hobbies like reading, watching movies, cooking, playing music, gardening, writing, etc. need to be “reactivated” after days of neglect. By investing in hobbies, you may also find joy for yourself and nurture the soul. Take time to find out what you want and excel at, and from there train other different skills to further improve yourself.

Connect with love ones

Sometimes being so busy with work may cause us to forget to take care of our family and stay in contact with our friends. Therefore, take time to listen, understand and talk to them more. It can be in the form of family gatherings, cookouts or some phone calls, meaningful messages, etc. Showing people your affection will help relationships be stable and happiness is shared.

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