Tips for a proper diet while working from home

Although social distancing means working from home, staying safe inside and having home-cooked meals more often, you should still follow a balanced diet for better health and more productivity. Here are five healthy diet tips to keep in mind.

1. Set up an effective meal schedule

Normally, we all have our routines when going to work, including having set times for meals. This ensures we will have the three essential nutritious meals a day. However, it would be challenging to keep this healthy routine while working from home since we can sleep until it is time to work which may lead to skipping breakfast. This is harmful to your stomach and is a bad habit which affects your eating schedule. Maintaining your daily routine, just like when you were at work, will help you avoid consuming unnecessary snacks while having enough meals for the day and is very beneficial for your health.

2. Your desk is not the place to eat.

Always keep in mind that you never turn your working desk into your dining table, even when you’re at home. Eating at your desk does not help you save time. Eating while working is more likely to distract you. On the other hand, to maintain a healthy life, make sure to put your phones and laptops away so that you can focus on eating.

3. Have your coffee at the right time.

It’s ok to consume 400mg of caffeine a day to keep you awake while working. Nevertheless, improper caffeine consumption can lead to sleep disorders. You should only have your coffee from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. to refresh your mind. Consuming caffeine from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. could disturb your sleeping patterns and impact your productivity.

4. Staying hydrated is an ultimate challenge.

The fact is that when we’re at home, we tend to forget drinking water. Despite being completely tasteless, water is a powerful source. Take good care of your body by practicing proper hydration every day. Aside from staying safe and enhancing your Health during this time, keeping your body hydrated is important. It is also an effective way to curb your snacking habits because water helps you feel full.

5. Healthy diet

This phrase has become so popular in the past few years since people nowadays tend to focus on the quality of food that they consume. Besides providing enough nutrients in the three main meals, make sure that your snack is high-quality as well. One tip is to fill up your fridge with fruits. So when you feel hungry, enjoy your favourite fruits instead of processed chips, which can make you gain more weight.

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