The indispensable Mui Ne travelling tips

This summer, where would you go for a 2-day-weekend or a short home-trip?

Vung Tau is always crowded and packed, while the faraway city of Nha Trang is quite time-consuming for many busy tourists. Perhaps that is why Mui Ne is the best choice for them. Whether you are a domestic or international visitor, there will definitely be an unforgettable memory coming there if having these tips with you!

With a favorable geographical location, only 4 hours from Saigon by car, Mui Ne has been emerging for recent years as a bright star on Vietnam’s sea-tourism map. Mui Ne is the name of a sea cape in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province, in the South Central region of Vietnam. Its name originates from the position and terrain of this area with the land protruding towards the sea of Binh Thuan province, creating a safe, calm sea for fishing boats to “evade” the usual fierce storms of the end of the year in the East Sea. In times of mild weather, the Mui Ne area possesses excellent tourist potential.

In recent years, with new policies, Phan Thiet city has opened a series of new tourist destinations which have attracted considerable attention from visitors, aiming to turn Mui Ne into the most attractive tourist center in the South Central region.

Travelling to Mui Ne

The development of infrastructure, typically the Long Thanh-Dau Giay expressway, has helped shorten the distance between Saigon and Mui Ne. Previously, it took 6 hours of driving to reach Mui Ne. Currently, the route through Long Thanh-Dau Giay Expressway shortens the time to only 4 hours.

However, for a freshened vibe of touring, you absolutely can travel from Saigon to Mui Ne by train that departs from Saigon station to Phan Thiet station. The railways not only make you an opportunity to experience the service but also ease your trip and let you enjoy the view along the way. Though, there still be a minus point which is the 12- kilometre-road reaching the most bustling street of Mui Ne called Nguyen Dinh Chieu from Phan Thiet station.

Accommodating locations

According to Phan Thiet’s statistics, there are currently 92 different accommodation areas such as resorts, hotels, hostels and homestays in Mui Ne, with a wide range of services to meet the needs of different customer segments, from reasonable cost to the price of high-end quality. According to, the leading tourism information site in Vietnam, most resorts in Phat Thiet have the rating from 3 * to 4 *, the price of a room per night will be diverse from 1,000,000 VND / room (equivalent to 57.94 CAD) up to VND 5,000,000 / detached villa (equivalent to CAD 290.37). Room rental rates at resorts from 4 * in Mui Ne currently include buffet breakfast for each guest, with different preferential promotions depending on the room rent.


Cuisine suggestion?

The abundant and diverse resources of seafood in Phan Thiet are one of the tourist attracting factors. Fresh squid, crabs, and fishes are considered the precious products that nature has endowed in the waters of Mui Ne. Not only fresh seafood but also the specialties processed from seafood of Phan Thiet are also memorable to visitors such as Vietnamese salad of white sardine or melo melo,  etc..

The white sardine salad is Mui Ne’s most special dish, served with rice paper, raw vegetables, fresh vermicelli and special sauce. Source:

Besides, another unmissable specialty dish of Phan Thiet is lẩu thả (the dropping hot pot). It does not require sophisticated and complicated processing, but only typical, popular ingredients in Mui Ne. This dish originated from the fishers of the place before the land was in its tourism development stage. They will “drop” everything caught in an iron bucket, pour water in, and cook into the hot pot. Today, dropping hot pot has presented in menus serving tourists at high-end resorts and restaurants. The main ingredients are white sardine, boiled meat, julienned fried eggs, served with fresh vermicelli and raw vegetables. The decisive factor for the success of this dish is the unique sauce, which is made from local ingredients, including the pure anchovy fish sauce of Phan Thiet, garlic, dried tamarind, chili, and pureed roasted peanuts.

The dropping hot pot is a colourful dish representing the five elements.

Having fun in Mui Ne?

Besides the familiar and famous destinations such as flying sand dunes or Sea Links wine cellars, Mui Ne has recently started to exploit more eco-tourism services such as Bau Trang and Suoi Tien.

Bau Trang is a natural freshwater lake formed among immense dunes. If having the opportunity to visit Bau Trang in April and May, visitors will admire the blossomed lotus flowers painting a pinky shade over a corner of the lake. The ticket fee to visit Bau Trang is 15,000 VND / tourist (equivalent to 0.87 CAD). However, to be able to visit all the most beautiful areas of Bau Trang, there are vehicle-renting services for you to choose, including 4 to 6 people jeep for 600,000 VND / trip (equivalent to 34.79 CAD) or terrain motorbike for 800,000 VND / tourist (equivalent to 46.38 CAD).

 6 kilometres further in the direction to Ninh Thuan from Bau Trang, visitors will encounter a super duper cool “check-in spot” called “the sandy road” with white sandbanks stretching deep into the two sides of the way. Going through the scenery of the turquoise sea accompanied by the endless bank of sand winding along the black route under golden sunlight will definitely be a unique natural experience of the sunny and windy land of Mui Ne.

Bau Trang is recently a popular tourist attraction that is 62km away from Phan Thiet
“The sandy road” gives visitors the feeling of being lost in the context of the movie “Wild West” of America.
Source: @yenchee,

In recent years, Phan Thiet city has also promoted the development of cultural tourism to encourage the understanding of interesting historical stories about the formation of the Mui Ne region in particular and the whole province of Binh Thuan in general. The water music of the Fishermen Show – Legend of the Fishing Village is held every weekend at the Fish Sauce Museum – Mui Ne Performance Stage at 360 Nguyen Thong Street, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City. The Fishermen Show – Legend of the Fishing Village is a unique art space about the cultural resonance between the Kinh people and Cham ethnic groups in Phan Thiet. The content of the program is inspired by the fishing village of Phan Thiet in 1762. The show is the only one in Vietnam where professional contemporary dancers and local artists play traditional musical instruments and perform live singing, incorporated with Water technology, aerial artists, LED screens, flying sand dunes, even cows with ox carts were brought into the stage to make the show both spectacular and very lively.

Fisherman show – Legend of the Fishing Village is a breakthrough opening up opportunities to exploit the potential of cultural – art tourism in Vietnam.

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