Take A Virtual Tour of the Canadian Senate and Explore A Part of the Parliament of Canada in The Comfort of Your Own Home

The Parliament of Canada, located at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, is usually a must-see iconic attraction when tourists are visiting Ottawa, Ontario.

However, amid the pandemic, many families and tourists have had their summer holidays flipped upside down as guided tours and visitations to Parliament had been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Not to worry though! Did you know it is possible to take a virtual tour of the Senate in the comfort of your own home?

The Parliament of Canada is composed of three interrelated parts, the Monarch, the Senate, and the House of Commons.

The Senate is the Upper House of the Parliament of Canada and is modelled after the British House of Lords.

As such, the Senate consists of 105 members that have been appointed by the Governor-General with the advice from the Prime Minister.

Seats in the Senate are assigned on a regional basis, meaning the number of seats is assigned based upon each province and territory.

Ontario, Quebec, the Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island), and Western Provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba), these four blocs have 24 seats in the Senate accounting for 96 seats.

The remaining nine seats are allocated for the remaining portions of Canada, six seats to Newfoundland and Labrador and one to each of the three Northern Territories (Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut).

Fun Interesting Fact: Members of the Senate (also called Senators) usually serve their duties until they reach a mandatory retirement age of 75! Meaning at 75 Senators are required to retire.

Parliament’s 105 senators shape Canada’s future. Senators scrutinize legislation, suggest improvements and fix mistakes. When the Senate speaks, the House of Commons listens — a bill must pass the Senate before it can become law.

Senators also propose their own bills and generate debate about issues of national importance in the collegial environment of the Senate Chamber, where ideas are debated on their merit.

For more information about the Senate of Canada and how you can take a virtual tour of the Senate of Canada please visit, https://sencanada.ca/en, or follow their Instagram at @sencanada

Take the virtual tour here: http://tour-ext.sencanada.ca/tour/index.html

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