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A 200-million-year-old Masterpiece

Located in Tuy An District, Phú Yên Province, Đá Dĩa Reef (translating to stone plates reef) is known for its pristine harmony of the sky, sea,...

Grab Your Meals from a Cubby

Cubby Smart Kitchen is based on the ‘smart kitchen’ concept that allows you to enjoy many cuisines in the world at one place. These meals are...

Three Easy Vegetable Dishes From Fresh City Farms’ Produce Box

Three Easy Vegetable Dishes From Fresh City Farms’ Produce Box One of the best ways to eat seasonally and locally is through a CSA...

Mississauga Welcomes Carlo’s Bakery

The mere excitement and avidity of TLC show Cake Boss’ Canadian audience would be soon satisfied with Carlo’s Bakery’s first branch location just in their area.

Pizza in a Cone, Why not?

Sprang over Canada's provinces and still on its way to spread the new concept of pizza with a twist, Konz is introducing an innovative type of...

Dai Ichi: 20-Year-Old Japanese – Korean Restaurant in Mississauga You Must Try Now

Sushi was originally a traditional Japanese dish, but today, many diners worldwide have favored this dish. You don't have to go all the way to the Sunrise...

A Day in Port Credit to Explore a Beautiful “Village on the Lake” in Mississauga, Ontario

Located at the Credit River's mouth on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Port Credit is a neighborhood with beautiful scenery in the city of Mississauga.  


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