Scar of Life

A mission that strengthens the heartbeats of thousands of Vietnamese children

Scar of Life is a charity that provides surgeries for poor children with heart disease. The program is also a public benefit campaign in Vietnam.

The story of Scar of Life started in August 2009, when Veronica Ngo contributed to the first six surgeries of Heartbeat Vietnam. After she saw six children revived, she decided that one day she would do something to save 100 children.

The dream of saving 100 children is how the charity project started in 2010. It was called My Story, and helmed by Heartbeat Vietnam of VinaCapital Foundation in association with VAA (Vietnam Art Agency). In 2011, the project was renamed Scar of Life.

The Scar of Life journey

The project has a new theme each year, but the organization always has the same desire to save more children. The hope is that one day there will be no children who die because they do not have surgery.

 “Contributing love to keeping life” was the message of the Scar of Life 9 program in 2019. Singer Jun Pham supported the program in the short film The Paper Plane. The Scar of Life 9 also had a title song, “If I Fly Up to the Sky One Day,” written for the show by musician Hua Kim Tuyen and performed by singer Truc Nhan.

Last year, Scar of Life 9 raised a record amount of money – nearly VND 15 billion. That went to help more than 500 children. After nine years, Scar of Life has given a bright future to nearly 2,398 children with congenital heart disease who were in difficult circumstances throughout the country.

Contact information

Phone: + 84 83 823 5331

Text by Diem Diem / Photo courtesy of Scar of Life

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