Reconnecting with Nature

Explore Bronte Creek's sustainable beauty and activities

Although winter is coming, it is worth learning about Oakville’s Bronte Creek Provincial Park for future trips.

About Bronte Creek

Bronte Creek is one of the parks in the Ontario Parks system to protect the province’s natural spaces we all can enjoy. The park provides opportunities for education and connecting with nature through exciting activities.

Bronte Creek Park has a total area of ​​ 684 hectares with many habitats such as forests, pastures, tall grass meadows, farmland, and wetlands.

In 1972, the park was established to preserve nature and the history of local agricultural practices. By 1975, it opened to the public. Each year, it welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The Park’s Activities

A day use area is open year round for various activities, such as cycling and hiking. There are five trails in total, and in the fall it is an excellent destination for foliage viewing.

With an Ontario Outdoors Card and fishing licence, visitors can fish for trout and salmon in the creek in the Half Moon valley area from early April to December. The creek also is home to perch, catfish, crappie and sunfish that can be caught year round. To protect various species, there are limits on how many fish can be taken.  Other activities include skiing in winter and the maple syrup festival in March. From early May to the end of October, you can also camp in the park.

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