Pure nostalgia with the Vietnamese restaurant that once served former U.S President Barack Obama.

Cục Gạch Quán (The Brick Restaurant) offers diners an old, quiet Saigon space and tasty Vietnamese home meal that brings back evocative memories of the past.

Not only visited by former US President Obama and his wife, but The Brick Restaurant also welcomed the famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2011. This restaurant is the choice of many international politicians and celebrities for a peaceful lunchtime in Saigon. Let find out what makes this restaurant stand out from the others.

Relive the golden age of ancient Saigon

Located on a not too big street in the centre of Saigon, the Brick Restaurant separated its’ inner space from the bustle of the city. From the moment diners step through the gate, they will surely be fascinated by the place, like Alice in wonderland, with the green, spacious garden and shady trees.

The well-retained nostalgia vibe in The Brick Restaurant

Situated on the quiet streets of Đặng Tất, The Brick Restaurant is a popular top choice for Vietnamese abroad when coming back to the homeland. The architecture depicts the golden time of the Pearl of the Far East filled with memories, as such nostalgia surges over the minds of diners at the restaurant. Furthermore, cherished memories are also evoked through tasty Vietnamese meals, prepared under the skilful hands of the chefs here.

Flavorful Viet meals bring memories of home!

Not only imprinted with the old Saigon space, but The Brick Restaurant is renowned for the motto “eat green, live clean” – a kind concept in the way of serving customers and treating the environment. First to mention is the environmentally friendly spirit of the restaurant. The owner of this restaurant has replaced plastic straws by using water spinach stems, which interests and excites customers. Here, each pair of chopsticks is contained in guigoz cans – an item of the old life that always stay in the minds of the early 90s kids.

The Viet meals at The Brick Restaurant

In addition, the dishes here are prepared and presented on familiar rustic items such as earthenware bowls and pots, banana leaves, or bamboo trivet. The menu of the Brick Restaurant is diverse and abundance with cuisine from the three regions, with the priority for plant-based dishes and starch limitation. With the talented cooks, dishes such as the unpeeled green beans sweet soup to keep its healing “yin” nature, or fermented bean curd, traditional vegetable pickle is prepared without preservatives. Each dish at The Brick Restaurant is relatively priced, with prices ranging from 55,000 VND and sometimes up to 1.7 million VND with giant tiger prawn hotpot (equivalent to 4CAD – 98 CAD).

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