Proverb – Đi Một Ngày Đàng, Học Một Sàng Khôn

Whenever you venture out to try something new, regardless of success or failure, you will have cultivated something from your experience. Travelling is no exception. It may seem daunting to travel to a foreign country you know little about and where they do not speak your mother tongue, but the beauty of travelling is that there is no possibility of failure. You can clumsily communicate with the locals, get lost as you navigate the city, naively get ripped off by street merchants, endure terrible experiences and still you will have learned a thing or two about the destination.

The underlying meaning of the proverb is that you will be ignorant about certain aspects of life if you choose to remain within your comfort zone. New and fascinating discoveries are deeply embedded within society, and you must explore to seek them out. By passing down this proverb, our forefathers are advising us to widen our scope, interact with, and gain perspective from, different people, and open our minds in order to lead a more meaningful life. With each step taken and each new discovery made, you will develop and mature.

Enjoy your travels this August and make the best of it!

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt