Ontario Reports 133 New Cases of COVID-19, marking a week-long stretch in triple-digit increases of new cases

The announcements from the Ontario government came after the province reported 133 additional cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, marking the seventh straight day in a row of a daily COVID-19 case count of over 100. 

For the last seven days Ontario reported: 

  • 133 new cases on Wednesday
  • 112 new cases on Tuesday
  • 114 new cases on Monday
  • 148 new cases on Sunday
  • 112 new cases on Saturday
  • 122 new cases on Friday
  • 118 new cases on Thursday

In a series of tweets, Health Minister Christine Elliott said 29 of the province’s 34 public health units saw five or fewer new cases yesterday, while 21 of those 29 confirmed no new infections at all.

According to the epidemiology report on Wednesday, a majority of the new cases continue to be concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area with Toronto and Peel regions reporting 43 and 34 cases respectively. 

Elsewhere, the Ottawa region reported 12 new infections and the York region reported 15 new infections as the only other two public health units that saw double-digit increases in new COVID-19 cases. 

To date, the province has now seen a total of 42,554 confirmed infections of the novel coronavirus since the outbreak began in late January.

Public health officials have reported that there are 1,236 confirmed active cases of COVID-19 province-wide with as many as 60 patients being treated in Ontario hospitals, 13 patients being treated in intensive care units and nine patients currently on ventilators for breathing assistance.

Health Minister Christine Elliott also reported that the province has hit the 3 million COVID-19 tests completed milestone as of Wednesday with more than 24,000 test samples processed in the past day. 

Premier Ford announced his concerns for the increase in cases among the younger age groups saying, “My big concern is the numbers I see every day from 20-39, especially in two areas.” 

“I’m not knocking them because they are great, but when you are looking at Toronto and Peel, large populations, again it’s not their fault I want to stress that, but they are making up 60 percent of cases in the entire province,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

“The people ages 20-39 the numbers are big there. It’s concerning.”

As of 6:00pm Toronto time on September 2, 2020, Canada reported a total of 395 new coronavirus cases across the country bringing the national total to 129.819 coronavirus cases. Health officials have reported 89% of (or 114.950) cases have recovered, 9,135 deaths. There are now 5.734 active cases.

The new reported cases today are from:

  • Ontario: 133 new cases
  • New Brunswick: 1 case
  • Quebec: 132 cases
  • Manitoba: 13 cases
  • Saskatchewan: 2 cases

Alberta: 114 cases

British Columbia: B.C. has not reported their number for today, but has reported 58 new coronavirus cases on September 1 in the province.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt