Nova Scotia Invests 193 Million Dollars to Expand Internet Access for Homes and Businesses

Nova Scotia has invested $ 193 million to expand internet access. On November 12, Develop Nova Scotia announced a series of scope extensions to existing Internet contracts for Nova Scotia Initiative projects, providing access to an additional 6,700 households and businesses.

“The COVID-19 pandemic strengthened the importance of reliable, high-speed Internet access for business, education and entertainment,” Business Minister Geoff MacLellan said in a press release.

“Across the province, people are working from home, home-learning students and small businesses are moving to increase their online presence. These changes have influenced the way our society functions. Fair Internet access is more important than ever. “

According to the province, projects related to this expansion will reduce by more than half the number of homes and businesses that are not yet provided with the Internet.

“By expanding existing projects, Develop Nova Scotia is continuing to accelerate the time it takes to connect these households and businesses,” said the province.

The deals are in place with Mainland Telecom and Bell Canada internet service providers and will provide connectivity to about 30 small communities across the province with high-speed internet.

It is expected that all homes and businesses covered by this expanded network will have better access to the network by the end of 2023.

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