Miss World – Vietnam 2019 Luong Thuy Linh, a Modern Woman

How Miss World - Vietnam 2019 has come to own her life.

In 2019, Luong Thuy Linh was honoured to receive the title of Miss World – Vietnam 2019. Throughout the beauty pageant, the young woman from Cao Bang proved her excellent English proficiency and shared her contributions to her community. Following is an interview with the talented 19-year-old beauty queen.

“We have to walk strongly on our own feet, and make an effort to actualize our dreams and achieve the things we want.”

How did you feel when you were named in the top 12 of the international beauty arena?

The journey to Miss World – Vietnam 2019 was wonderful. The most memorable moment was probably on the stage of Miss World 2019, when my skirt was stuck, and the new Miss World 2019, Toni-Ann Singh, helped me disentangle it so that I could confidently start my part. When I was named in the top 12 final, I screamed. All the emotions seemed to burst in happiness and pride.

Was there anything you were not satisfied with about yourself? How did you overcome that weakness?

I felt I never had enough knowledge, and I have always reminded myself to learn hard. At the beginning of my journey to Miss World – Vietnam 2019, I tried my best to use performance skills to express myself. Coming to the beauty pageant, I was like a blank sheet of paper, and I did not know anything. After being trained by the Miss World – Vietnam 2019 organization, I got strength and successfully persuaded the panel of judges to give me the highest honour.
I did the same when participating in Miss World 2019. Based on the foundations from the previous beauty pageant, I trained and accumulated performing experience. I used the ability of speaking a foreign language, and combined that with a compassionate project to successfully shine on the world beauty arena and proudly make the top 12 final.

You are famous for speaking English fluently on social networks. How did you get there and does that ability bring you advantages?

I have a special interest in English. It is important to love and learn the language with a passion. With a relaxed mind, we are more receptive to all sources of knowledge. I have been practising and studying English since I was young.
English is a bridge of communication. During the time I participated in Miss World 2019, my foreign language ability helped me confidently express myself before the judges. Miss World 2019 is a contest where participants need to have beauty, knowledge and compassion. Those are the three core criteria that the judges observe and score for three weeks. The language has allowed me to make many new friends and added to my knowledge of the world.

“Be confident to be yourself; when you are confident, you are the most radiant and beautiful.”

What has meeting other contestants from around the world taught you?

Participating in Miss World 2019 has brought me great practical experience. I learned how to respond quickly and proactively in every situation. My efforts and those of more than 120 girls from different countries reinforced this lesson: “We have to walk strongly on our own feet, and make an effort to actualize our dreams and achieve the things we want.”

What are your plans for the year?

Right after returning from London, I took on the role of ambassador of the Dalat Flower Festival. That was my first activity after Miss World 2019. Next, I will return to the Foreign Trade University and continue my studies so that I will not be left too far behind. In parallel with studying, I will try to arrange a reasonable time to participate in social activities and art activities.

With your long legs (1.22 meters), have you ever been teased about your appearance? What do you think about body shaming?

My oversized height sometimes makes me stand out too much, but it is not negative. I was fortunate to be born, raised, and nurtured in a very good environment.
I think that body shaming has to be removed entirely from everyone’s mind. Each individual lives an independent existence that needs to be respected because each body is a wonderful gift from our parents. I hope that all of you, whatever your body, face, or characteristics may be, will always be confident and strong. Be confident to be yourself; when you are confident, you are the most radiant and beautiful. Be strong and ignore any disdain. I will never let such negative things affect my life.

How does it make you feel when fans call you “the genius neighbour kid” due to your combination of beauty, knowledge, and wealth?

I think that “the genius neighbour kid” is an interesting title. I am honoured to be an ideal role model for young people. Every achievement must be built from the efforts of each person. I hope that all of you will do your best to become that “genius neighbour kid” according to your own strengths and ways.

According to Linh, what are the qualities that modern women need? How important is education to modern women?

I think modern women need knowledge, initiative and strength. These will help women control their lives in modern society.
I think that education for women is extremely important and necessary because knowledge is the foundation of everything. We are in a time when society develops day by day. Women need to have knowledge to take charge of their lives and achieve gender equality around the world. One day, hopefully, there will be no more inequality between men and women, no longer the problems or disadvantages that women suffer as they used to.

Do you have anything to say to your female fans on International Women’s Day, March 8th?

I send my love and best wishes to all the grandmothers, mothers, aunties, ladies and girls on March 8th. May all of us, the great half of the world, stay healthy, beautiful, radiant and happy. Always be strong and own your life in a unique way.

Photo courtesy of Luong Thuy Linh

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