Love In the Time of COVID-19

During the past 10 years, ShareYourLove Relief Inc. has organized annual charity excursions to provide medical treatment, medicine, and gifts to the underprivileged in remote areas. The members, who are doctors, nurses and volunteers, have gone on flood relief trips to the Central region to provide house construction, financial aid for surgery, and wheelchairs for people with disabilities. The organization also continues to support disadvantaged people and orphaned children.

In 2021, ShareYourLove did the following:

Care for the disadvantaged during COVID-19

Hoạt động chăm lo cho các đối tượng khó khăn trong dịch COVID

Distribution of food products such as rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, cooking oil, canned milk, as well as medical masks and antiseptics to homeless people in District 7, District 4, District 3, District 8, and Bình Tân District.

The total number of gifts distributed was 1,370, with a total value of VND 228,870,000 ($12,608).

Distribution of free meals to those affected by social distancing measures including lottery ticket sellers, trash pickers, the disabled and poor in District 7, District 4, District 3, District 1, and Bình Tân District.

Total number of meals distributed in July was 3,115, at the cost of VND 82,177,000 ($4,527).

Support of 20 children who lost their parents due to COVID-19. Each received 5 million VND for a total of VND 100,000,000 ($5,509).

Support of six people with terminal illnesses and difficult circumstances. Each received from 4-6 million VND for a total of 39,000,000 VND ($2,148).

Donated medical equipment, masks and protective equipment to the Heart Institute, field hospitals and frontline workers in Saigon with a total value of VND 83,700,000 ($4,611).

Distributed traditional and herbal medicines for post-COVID treatment amounting to VND 50,240,000 ($2,768).

Care for disadvantaged children

Distribution of gifts and cash to 20 children undergoing heart disease treatment at Saigon Heart Institute. The total amount donated was VND 33,433,000 ($1,842).

Distribution of food and cash to children at the orphanages of Bửu Tích Pagoda in Tân Thành District, Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu province. The total amount awarded was VND 26,000,000 ($1,432).

Continued the “Supporting Children” program with living expenses for 22 families with children suffering from the effects of  “Agent Orange.” Families received 300,000 VND a month per child for a total of VND 84,000,000 ($4,628).

Hoạt động chăm lo cho các đối tượng khó khăn trong dịch COVID

Medical treatment, medicine and gifts to households in remote areas

January 9, 2021 – Hòa Bình Commune, Xuyên Mộc District, Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu Province:

  • Organized medical exams and distributed medicine worth VND 35,000,000 to patients.
  • Gave gifts to 300 people of VND 200,000 each.
  • Gave cash to 80 visually impaired individuals of VND 200,000 each.
  • Gave gifts to orphanages at Bửu Tích Pagoda.

The total amount donated was VND 93,018,000 ($5,124).

January 20, 2021 – Xuân Lộc District, Đồng Nai Province:

  • Organized medical exams, distributed medicine and gifts for 80 disadvantaged patients. The total amount was VND 25,400,000 ($1,399).
  • Donated to a roofing program in the highlands area. The amount was VND 15,000,000 ($826).
Hoạt động chăm lo cho các đối tượng khó khăn trong dịch COVID

Water wells for Hướng Phùng Commune, Hướng Hoá District, Quảng Trị Province

Acting on the findings of a local survey done in Quảng Trị, ShareYourLove worked with Hướng Phùng Primary School and Chênh Vênh Kindergarten to drill wells in the local area. These are schools in the highlands, which are often prone to droughts. Every day teachers and students have to travel on steep hills to fetch drinkable water from as far as 2 km away from school.

Total funding for drilling two wells was VND 68,000,000 ($3,746).

Wheelchairs for people with disabilities

ShareYourLove gave 33 wheelchairs to people with disabilities in Định Quán District, Đồng Nai Province, and 17 wheelchairs to people in other localities. A total of 50 wheelchairs were handed out with a value of VND 129,000,000 ($7,107).

The total value of goods and services ShareYourLove distributed in 2021 was VND 1,057,838,000 ($58,276).

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Tel: 0827710293 or 0908007009


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