Kitchen Tips: Are You Storing Your Eggs the Wrong Way?

The rise of short tip videos on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram have helped us learn a lot of new kitchen hacks from how to whisk properly and the best ways to clean a burnt pot.

Today, we learned a new kitchen hack and chances are you might be storing your eggs the wrong way.

Here is what we learned:

Besides focusing on getting a container of eggs home and into the fridge without breaking one, it turns out we should be paying a little more attention to how we’re storing them once we get home.

According to TikTok user theshilohfarm, who is a Nebraska Farmer, there is a right way when it comes to storing eggs and it might not be how you have been doing it.

The Nebraskan Farmer said that eggs should be stored with the pointed end down and the blunt, more rounded side facing up in a short TikTok video.

He says storing the eggs this way will keep the yolk more centred inside the egg and will help keep your eggs fresher for longer.

One follower on the video commented, “Just made me go into my fridge and check every egg in my container!”

You might be wondering, “How does this work?”. It turns out that there is an air bubble at the blunt end of every egg. Air and bacteria enter the egg through the blunt end into the air sac located there.

By storing eggs blunt end up, the pocket of air stays away from the yolk, which is far more likely to be contaminated by any bacteria that enters the egg than the non-bacteria friendly egg white.

Now you know how to properly store your eggs!

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