Jewelry Trends That Make You Shine

Elevate your style with these jewelry trends.

No matter how fancy your dress, it helps to have the right jewelry. Shining precious metal and sparkling gemstones will add colors and texture to your most muted outfit. Increase your style with these chic trends, or feel inspired to choose a gift to win your lover’s heart this holiday season.

Vivid Colors

Gemstone accessories offer a wide range of designs and colors. Playful and dynamic, this trend works best to bring a new breeze to minimal and sometimes dull outfits. Make sure to determine your skin tones (neutral, warm or cool undertones) before deciding what gems you want. Vintage Renaissance styles are on the radar this year. Multicolor designs featuring different types of stones are easy to coordinate, regardless of the main color of the outfit.

Gifting tips:
Find out the power or meaning associated with the stone you are about to buy for your special one. For example, crystal is believed to bring positive energy, symbolizing wishes for good health and luck. Another note is that when buying a ring, make sure you know the recipient’s size as giving a fit ring shows that you really care about the person.

Three Stone Vintage Ring, Pandora, $175.

Sophisticated Classics

Go simple but noble with classic designs. For this style, users should go for high quality products because these items can also be worn daily and will not go out of style. For instance, natural pearls or diamonds work well for middle-aged women. For young adults, cubic zirconia is a less expensive alternative that is bright and durable. Vibrant evening dresses benefit from classic designs as well since they help balance the ensemble.

Gifting tips:
If possible, choose a jewelry set that includes multiple pieces from the same collection. This makes it easier for the recipient to coordinate. Classic sets usually include a necklace and a pair of earrings.

Sparkling Statement Halo Pendant Necklace, Pandora, $225

Time Pieces

Watches exude a delicate, calming and professional vibe from a wearer. Metal with inlaid stones is a functional statement for important meetings compared to a simple bracelet. Young couples wearing matching watches to a party can affirm their affection in a gentle but interesting way.

Gifting tips:
Make sure you know the recipient’s wrist size to choose the correct watch dial size. It usually falls between 26-29mm for women and 37-39mm for men. Larger dials are often more suitable for sports events than formal parties.

PRX Powermatic 80, Tissot, $875

Meaningful Messages

A necklace that carries a positive message can boost the wearer’s confidence. Zodiac signs can impart strengths and values. Meaningful items act as a precious reminder of positive personality traits and abilities, helping your loved one become the best version of themselves.

Gifting tips:
Look up the recipient’s date of birth to make sure you get the correct Zodiac sign. Getting the wrong sign says you don’t remember the person’s exact birthday. If astrology is not your thing, ask a sales consultant to show you the right one.

Leo Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds, David Yurman, $2,4500
Taurus Amulet with 18K Yellow Gold, David Yurman, $750

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