How to Mix and Match Your Clothes with Orchid for a Strong but Elegant Look

A few good reasons to add this hue to your wardrobe.

Orchid, as a color, is defined as a combination of vibrant pink and purple. Bright, rich pink shows strength and cheerfulness. On its own, it can be a bit overwhelming, but when paired with purple, associated with mindfulness and elegance, it is softened and balanced. Thanks to this combination, orchid represents the qualities of both hues, striking yet classy.

Here are some ways you can coordinate this unique and fashionable color.

Orchid brings a powerful, distinctive and luxurious elegance to wearers

Wear a coordinated look

Orchid coordinated outfits are good options for those who have bold personalities. In these sets wearers can pair with light pink accessories, such as a mini bag, to enhance femininity. In winter, a black coat would be an easy match.

Go for balance

Delicate, pure white helps soothe the vibrancy of colorful items. Choosing knit sweaters with a little touch of orchid is a stylish choice. Or layering a faux fur coat in this unique color outside a basic white shirt is also an easy way to create a modern, youthful look.

Play with the colors

If you are into colorful clothes, pair orchid items with pink and purple hues. An example would be mixing a magenta blouse, pastel purple pants, and an orchid wide-band belt to emphasize your waistline. When it comes to formal evening events, find a multi-colored dress with a gradient design (also known as color transitions), changing from light pink to dark purple. The dress illustrates the beauty of romantic sunsets, giving you a dreamy appearance.

Stand out with draping

Orchid works beautifully with layered and 3D (draping) dresses, similar to the shape of the lovely flowers. This style is suitable for year-end parties and special events such as weddings. Short dresses bring a dynamic energy, while longer ones showcase a luxurious style. Since these dresses are already stylish and splendid, try to keep the accessories, shoes, and hairstyles as elegant and minimal as possible.

Utilize accessories

Choosing accessories with bold colors is a safe option because not everyone has enough confidence to wear a vivid and eye catching outfit. An orchid purse or wool scarf could instantly brighten an all-black outfit, animating the overall look.

One small tip: before buying new items, take a look at your wardrobe closely. Fashion trends often return after many years. Who knows? You just might find a forgotten orchid item in your closet.

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