Growing Optimism from Trudeau As Canada Announces New Federal Model Showing COVID-19 Progress

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed growing optimism following an update to the federal government’s latest COVID-19 models and projections. 

Federal Government’s Latest COVID-19 Projections and Models for Canada

From the latest data available, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam and Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Howard Njoo provided a revised picture of the current COVID-19 situation in Canada.

In the latest projections from the federal government, health officials are projecting that as of July 12, Canada could see between 103,940 and 108,130 cases of COVID-19. 

Additionally, current projections say that there could also be 8,545 to 8,865 deaths related to COVID-19. 

The data also indicated that Toronto and Montreal are the two main hotspots of COVID-19 cases however, overall Canada has shown its ability to control the spread of the virus as there have only been regional epidemics. 

Report from Health Officials stated that the daily numbers of hospitalized and critical care cases have been steadily declining as the number of recoveries increased over the past few weeks. 

A concerning trend in the new model found that despite the decline in transmission of the virus among older age groups, there has been a relative increase in Canadians aged 20-39 contracting COVID-19 since late May. 

When asked about a potential timeframe where Canada may see and end to the COVID-19 epidemic, Dr. Tam said that the effective reproduction number (Rt) needed to remain below one. 

As she continued explaining, the Rt represents the average number of people infected by each case of COVID-19. 

Fortunately, Canada’s Rt rate has been less than one for the past eight weeks, which is a good sign that the end of the epidemic may be near. 

To help lower Canada’s Rt rate, Dr. Tam is advising that people limit the number of close contact people have and avoid enclosed and crowded spaces whenever possible. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Announces Scaled Back Daily Briefings and Calls for Vigilance

Addressing the announced federal projections for COVID-19 in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that even though Canada is heading in the right direction, Canadians should practice caution as the threat remains.

“The virus remains a very serious threat to our health,” said the Prime Minister from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa.

“After a very challenging spring, things are continuing to move in the right direction. We still have some hotspots in some parts of the country, but nationally, the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths is declining over time. And that’s because Canadians are doing their part.”

As the country gradually starts to reopen, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he will be scaling back his daily press briefings to Canadians.

Instead of the daily updates, Canadians have been receiving since March 13, 2020, the Prime Minister will be providing news updates a few times a week as the country moves forward with reopening. 

“We’re going to keep regularly updating Canadians on how this virus is progressing, as we have since the beginning of this crisis, including with the latest numbers continuing to be published every single day,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“However, Dr. Tam, Dr. Njoo and I will provide an update on the pandemic a few times a week instead of every day when we have briefings or information to share.”

In his closing statements for today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to continue to follow public health measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing or risk losing the hard-earned progress that was made. 

“It going to be really, really important that everyone remains attentive and vigilant to their own behaviours so that we can prevent a second wave from arriving… as we’re beginning to see in places around the world, but also, so we can minimize any wave if it does hit,” said the Prime Minister.  

“Though, while we’re on the right track, the fight against COVID-19 is not over yet. As we start to reopen parts of the economy, we must continue to follow local public health guidelines to keep each other safe.”

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