Dong Nhi’s Philosophy of Success

Optimisim and hard work pay off.

Beyond being a famous singer, Dong Nhi has left her talented signature on every job she has ever taken. No matter what she is doing, Dong Nhi reminds herself “I am lucky to receive everything that comes to me. They are helpful chances to realize my future goals. I cherish every single moment that an opportunity brings precious values to my life.”

You have a huge fan base and have had much success in recent years. Can you share something about your journey?

  The pathway I have taken, and that other people take, is far from easy. Every job has its own challenges. The entertainment world  is filled with obstacles that all artists experience. At the outset of my music career, beside dealing with public pressure, I struggled to find and transition into a personal style. Having observed the pressure I was under, my parents even thought about banning me from pursuing a career in showbiz. Luckily, I managed to overcome that and grew more confident.

  There were times when I wanted to follow  my parents’ advice and withdraw  from the spotlight, but it was the affection and encouragement of my fans that kept me going. My greatest luck in pursuit of this job has been the support and trust that my fans instilled in me. No matter what I decide to do, they stay by my side and fuel me with determination to realize that goal. Now I can proudly say that my “little family” has grown with me and raised me up through thick and thin. They’ve been there through  my highs and my lows.

Last year marked a huge leap forward in your singing career – you had a live show, coached on The Voice Kids and won a covetable accolade at the MTV EMA Awards. Given this success, are you feeling pressure to do even more in  2017?

 I cherish every single moment. I never regard this as a pressure because at each moment, people are bound to different thoughts and perspectives. Showbiz changes and turns without any permanent rules. In 2017, I set many goals for my career, and I am still working on them. Of course, I reflect on 2016 as I pursue further efforts.

What are your greatest objectives and how do you plan  to accomplish them?

 You have to choose suitable objectives that fit your future. My greatest objective to date is music, and I will disclose specific ideas and plans as I go along. This year, Dong Nhi will come back with new, long awaited music works that will not disappoint fans.

 In 2017, after my music video “Please don’t,” I have special plans for my The Voice team and want them to have good memories. I plan to tour  nationwide for my fans, after being snowed under with work for such a long time. By the end of this year, I will have released new flagship products to lay the foundation for the grand 10-year strategy initiated by 6th Sense Entertainment JSC.

You are considered a pioneer of modern pop music. Many assume that you have strived to become a top entertainer in Vietnam and want to go international. What do you make of this idea?

  An artist is meant to work and devote herself to the audience, so her stature is determined by the audience. For me, music demonstrates the emotion, style and ego of an artist. I feel extremely happy that the path I chose in the beginning of my career has now been embraced by my audience. Of course, everyone has their own taste in music, so what I like is not necessarily what others like. I always have to keep refreshing myself. It is a challenge to explore myself and pay due respect to my audience.

  The global entertainment industry has grown immensely and its ripple effect can be easily felt by Vietnamese audiences and artists. My audience loves both Vietnamese music and world music. I always want to learn and update new, good and suitable trends for myself. This demonstrates that our national entertainment industry can secure prestige with overseas friends.

You were ranked as one of the Top 50 most influential women of Vietnam and appointed examiner coach of The Voice. How do you feel about these honors?

  Both are unexpected accolades that I hugely cherish. However, these honors also come with responsibilities. As one of the Top 50 most influential women of Vietnam, I’m responsible for making and spreading positive and more meaningful things for myself and people around me. The Voice tasked  me with the responsibility to train young talents who put trust in their coaches. These two pressures also turn out to be the opportunities I need to help me realize my goals in the future.

To have achieved these outstanding successes, what advantages do you think you have?

  I think one’s advantages should be viewed and judged by other people through their works and accomplishments. Personally, I find that my positive thinking, optimism and proactive approach to life and work are of great help. I was fortunately influenced by my boyfriend Ong, Cao Thang, who is also a vocalist and musician, when I first met him. Thanks to our shared views and beliefs, we can go far together and we are always enthusiastic about our common goals in the future.

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