Discover Top Favourite Cafes of the Youth in Hanoi

Giang Café

giảng - kenh14
giảng – kenh14

Giang café is the perfect destination for those who fall in love with the capital land’s renowned egg coffee. It is not only a familiar name for Hanoians but also in the interest of both national and international tourists. Considered the oldest cafe in Hanoi, the store has been serving for over 70 years and also been the “cradle” of egg coffee. The richness of coffee taste blending in the tasty aroma of chicken egg yolk and the sweetness of cream makes it a special drink that captivates all diners. In addition to the traditional egg coffee, Giang café also serves egg cocoa made from whipped eggs, topped with a layer of cocoa powder. Perhaps also because of the unusual drinks, people always flock to Giang café to enjoy them.

Lofita – Love At First Taste

Lofita - jamja
Lofita – jamja

Lofita fascinates the young Hanoians for not only possessing beautiful space but also for delicious and healthy drinks. It’s no exaggeration to say that people could take great photos out of every corner of this cafe. Each store of Lofita has its own beauty in luxurious style. The life would be so lovely coming to Lofita for an espresso or cappuccino in the morning, a tea or detox drink in the afternoon.

Ecology Coffee & Tea

Ecology - jamja
Ecology – jamja

Ecology is sure to be an excellent choice for those who love green space because this is a unique green style coffee and tea shop in Hanoi. The name Ecology truly portrays its area: extremely green with beautiful greenery and natural with rows of plants by the door and flourishing flower trellises on the porch. The entire atmosphere of Ecology is a harmonious alignment of nature and light in space design. With not only an environment-friendly space, the restaurant also impresses people by the attractive beverage menu, new drinks and a vital plus of only using glasses and paper straws to protect the environment partly.


platform - kenh14
platform – kenh14

Platform café is a young, dynamic style café with a unique feature of types of space, combined by decorating in white and blue pastel tones. The outer container area is the background scene for a super quality picture, and the stair seating area is in fancy design. The unique feature is probably the indoor sitting area because of its homestay-like design with bunk beds, sofa, seat cushion.

Tropical Forest Coffee

tropical forest - jamja
tropical forest – jamja

The name itself speaks well: Tropical Forest is a café with such green space that almost drags people into a jungle with tons of green shades and dappled light. The greenness covers every corner of the shop. Building in the greenhouse-style, you could easily watch Tay Son street while sitting inside the shop. In the heart of the dusty bustling city, the freshness of Tropical Forest is a special highlight. Besides, there are workshops planting that is useful for bonsai enthusiasts.

Cosa Nostra

cosa nostra - kenh14
cosa nostra – kenh14

Coming to life since 2014, the Cosa Nostra has occupied itself a unique part in the hearts of Hanoians till the present. Humbly nestling in the streets of Tong Dan, Cosa Nostra is a miniature Europe. The contemporary, urban classic of it can please the guests of all ages. The elegant and cozy space design of the shop is suitable for intimate chats and well serving as a quiet working corner. Coming here, you would leap out of the chaos of life to relax and enjoy a sip of eye-catching but also very delicious Italian drinks.

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