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For current youngsters, Vung Tau is no longer simply a beach trip or seafood tour. They now come here for sightseeing in the mountains and enjoy unique yogurt.

Every day, Vung Tau welcomes a huge number of tourists coming to have fun, especially for swimming and eating special kinds of seafood here. You can also try Bánh Khọt, which is one of the specialties here. Besides, many people also spend time in this beautiful coastal city just to sightsee the city from above the pristine mountains.

The wave of “going up the mountain to see the Lighthouse and enjoying yogurt” in Vung Tau has been spreading for more than three years. At that time, the unspoiled mountains were suddenly turned into a hot destination because of its beautiful scenery.

Specifically, the mountain that local people and tourists flocked to is Small Mountain – also called Tao Phùng mountain (meaning the place where lovers reunite). From there, you can catch the panoramic view of Vung Tau city: where on one side the bustling city life lies and on another peacefully lies aside the gentle blue sea.

In particular, this is also the place where you can have the closest view of the famous Vung Tau Lighthouse.

It is known that the French people built Vung Tau Lighthouse in 1862. It is located at an altitude of 149 metres above sea level. By 1913, it was rebuilt and raised to a height of 170m to provide directions and serve as the signals for ships to travel more effectively. This Lighthouse is one of the oldest ones in Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia.

The spacious and poetic scenery around the Lighthouse seems to pull visitors out of the rhythm of modern life, which is still happening just right at the foot of the mountain.

At the top of Small Mountain, there is not only the Lighthouse but also the largest statue of Jesus in Asia. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it. The statue is located at Nghinh Phong Cape (meaning the cape that greets the winds) – a point protruding into the southernmost sea of ​​Vung Tau.

The Jesus statue is considered as a large version of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with a height of 32 metres and an arm span of 18.3 metres wide. It is located 176 metres above the sea. The statue is placed on a 10-meter-high bow-shaped concrete block, the front of the pedestal is decorated with reliefs modelled after the famous painting “The Last Supper” by artist Leonardo da Vinci. On its back is a picture of “God giving the key to Peter”. Besides, on the way between 2 destinations, do not miss the “Yaourt Cô Tiên” near the Lighthouse. It serves all kinds of soft drinks, homemade yoghurt, Vietnamese savoury salted egg sponge cake and the best soft boiled eggs. This place will surely please you. Another point that makes this small shop always crowded is the affordable price for such delicious food and spacious, comfortable space.

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