Bring the Coastal Style to Your Home

Enjoy a vacation vibe right in your own space.

Coastal Style, also known as beach-inspired style, exudes serenity and amiability. Surround yourself with this décor and the fresh, cool-toned colors will wrap around you like relaxing, soft waves.

Furniture is the soul of a house and reflects a homeowner’s identity and tastes. Bring the outdoors in and find items made of natural materials such as wooden chairs, bricks, ropes and linen fabric. Highlight with seashells and faux corals.

Color palettes

There’s nothing that says ocean better than blue and white. Get creative and incorporate different shades and tints. For instance, dark blue looks great on a backdrop of baby blue and can create salient details.

Beige color schemes also work well for this style, reminiscent of restful sand beaches.

Open spaces with natural light

Organizing an open area neatly with elegant and minimalist furniture maximizes space in a stylish way.

Make sure your room has enough natural light. Draw the curtains and allow the sunlight in to enhance a tropical feel.

Add some accents

A balanced décor is not only about aesthetics, but can directly impact your mood. Seashell wind chimes, a wooden surfboard, an hourglass, and marine creature-shaped cushions can help boost energy. As for the color of your linens, aqua is a clean, refreshing way to go.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt