Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets

Peek behind the curtain with these books that detail the perilous path to fame

We hear celebrities sing, watch their movies, and admire their halos, but what do we really know about them and their life? Reading through the pages of these memoirs you might be surprised by the fears, weaknesses, and joys they’ve experienced.

If I Knew Then Finding Wisdom in Failure and Power in Aging - Her Life

If I Knew Then: Finding Wisdom in Failure and Power in Aging

Jann Arden is a renowned Canadian singer, songwriter and TV star. Although successful, she didn’t find her strength and freedom within herself until the age of 50.

In this memoir, Arden shares her stories and memories of her grandmother, mother and aunt. She encourages everyone, especially women, to themselves and stop trying to please others. Your fate and how you choose to face the world lie in your own hands. Her message? You have to take responsibility for your own life and embrace your own values. 

Unfinished - A Memoir

Unfinished: A Memoir

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Miss World 2000, recounts her concerns about career and a life story rooted in two different countries in this New York Times Best Seller.

In this self-discovery journey, Jonas reflects on her childhood in India, teenaged years in the United States, and her time back in India when she won the Miss World title. After gaining her coveted dream, she details how she was able to transition into an acting career.

Philosophical, sassy, reckless, and rebellious are perhaps the best words to describe how Chopra sees herself.

Diana - Her True Story in Her Own Words

Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words (by Andrew Morton, Simon & Schuster, published June 2017)

Written by Andrew Morton, Princess Diana’s biography was first published in 1992. Despite the initial doubt and ridicule, this work received praise as public views changed. It was a New York Times bestseller and even became a unique literary classic. 

Never before had a member of Britain’s royal family shared so many details about her unhappy marriage, as well as her fears and dreams. Therefore, it piqued many readers’ interest when the book came to life.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life

Actress and comedian Ali Wong is perhaps best known for her role in Netflix original Always Be My Maybe (2019). A few months after the film, Wong released Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life outlining her experience as a comedian and her daily life.

The book is a hilarious yet devoted letter to her two daughters. She writes about dating pet peeves, how it feels to be a mother working in a male-dominated industry, and how she won their father’s heart. Her wisdom, paired with engaging and candid writing, is entertaining yet relatable.

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