Canada is closely monitoring the US election results, Trudeau said

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains quiet about the many unknowns that cover the US election today, saying his government will “carefully” monitor the results.

Trudeau said the Liberal government is focusing on the possibility of a presidential transition if former US vice president Biden overthrows President Donald Trump. For weeks, Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Ottawa was ready for any situation.

“As always, we will try to protect the interests of Canada and the Canadians when the Americans make important decisions,” Trudeau said.

While Trudeau was neutral in this race, the Liberal government worked closely with Biden on foreign affairs and climate change policy during 2015-16, according to CBC News.

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole delivered a similar cautious message towards Wednesday’s caucuses, telling reporters in French, “We will wait to see the results.”

Tuesday’s US presidential election turned Wednesday with no clear results for President Trump or his Democratic rival.

Although Trump may not win this race when all the votes have been counted, the president has achieved one of the highest popular votes in US history. Despite that impressive performance, Biden is on his way to becoming the best in the popular vote with millions of votes.

Before the election, both Trudeau and O’Toole said they were ready to work with whoever was elected.

Trudeau said Canada is “well-positioned and willing” to work with the American people and the US government, regardless of the outcome.

The Trump campaign sued stopped counting votes in two states when Biden won two important battlefields

Trump easily won in Florida and Texas early last night, although some surveys suggest the race should have been much closer.

While Democrat challenger Joe Biden declared the winner in Wisconsin, Michigan on Wednesday

The fate of the US presidency was very tight on Wednesday as President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden fought for the final battlefield states. Biden was declared the winner of Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday, while Pennsylvania is still being counted, a state that could prove to be crucial in determining who wins the White House.

Trump’s campaign at various times on Wednesday announced that it would sue requiring a cessation of the vote count in two states – first Michigan, then Pennsylvania – and requiring officials in Georgia complies with the laws of absentee attendance and counting.

As of 9 p.m. on November 4, Toronto, President Trump had won 214 electoral votes, while Biden had 253. It takes 270 votes to elect the president.

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